The Free Fire Esportz Invitational Series Tournament has been announced to start at the end of this month, the tournament will feature a prize pool of Rs 1.5 Lakh. The tournament will have the top 12 Free Fire teams of India to compete with each other from November 30 to December 6.

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The Free Fire Esportz Invitational Series Tournament has been announced and it will start at the end of this month

The Free Fire Esportz Invitational Series Tournament will be hosted by and only the top 3 teams will get a part of the Rs 1.5 Lakh prize pool. The tournament will include invited teams only, including strong teams such as Total Gaming, Optimum Esports, GZ Army. Here is the list of 12 teams who will be in the tournament:

  • Kingz God
  • Total Gaming
  • TSG Ritik
  • Old Skool
  • CRX Elite
  • Optimum Esports
  • Die Another Day
  • Survivors (XMANIA)
  • Team KS
  • XTZ Esports
  • GZ Army
  • Team Lava

These 12 teams will be playing for the whole week. From Money to Thursday, there will be 3 matches each day. From Friday to Sunday there will be 5 matches each day. The winner will get Rs 70,000, the runner-up will get Rs 40,000, the third-placed team will get Rs 25,000. There is also a Rs 15,000 prize for the MVP of the tournament. These are really big prizes and we can expect that teams will try their best to compete in the tournament.

Viewers who watch to tournament live on YouTube will have a chance to get DJ Alok character for free

All the matches will be live-streamed on the official YouTube channel Moreover, people who watch the tournament will have a chance to get the Alok character for free along with many other prizes. The stream will start at 18:00 IST on November 30. Make sure to get to the stream in time to catch the tournament and earn prizes.

Free Fire new OB25 update

In other news, the Free Fire OB25 update is about to come out, bringing the game a new pet, characters, and weapons. The OB25 update is expected to be a huge update.

A new SMG weapon called Vector will be added to the game. You cannot aim down sight with the Vector but you can use 2 Vectors on 2 hands at the same time, make it a fearsome weapon. We will see if the Vector will be able to be more powerful than the MP40.

Kriss Vector 3
Free Fire is going to have a new SMG weapon called the Vector, a weapon ytpe you can hold 2 with 2 hands

Players will also be able to purchase weapons in the battle royale mode through Vending machines. You can collect special tokens on the map and exchange them for weapons and items in vending machines. This will make the mode a little more fun to play and less random.

2 new characters Chrono and Snowelle will be coming to Free Fire in the OB25 update. These 2 new characters will be potentially very powerful because of their skills.

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