Free Fire is a battle royale on mobile developed and published by Garena in 2017. It is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world with a record of more than 100 million players in a day in October 2020. The game is also the most download game on the Google Play Store in 2019 and the esports mobile game of the year in 2020.

Free Fire has a lot of items for players to purchase that will make your character look cooler or even stronger. Of course, since the game needs revenue, often, the strongest characters and skins can only be bought by Diamonds, which can only be purchase with real money.

Free Fire
Free Fire has new update frequently to keep players excited

Garena also releases new characters and skins every season, making it hard for many players to keep up. That why many people are searching on the internet, looking for a Diamond generator to buy things they want in the game. But normally, these websites don't actually work. They only waste people's time and sometimes even cost them their own precious Free Fire account.

Free Fire Diamond Hack
Most Free Fire Diamond Generators are scams

One of the most popular Diamond generator sites among the community is the Apkzen Free Fire Diamond Generator. Here, we will be looking into this site to see if it is actually a legit site that can give you Diamonds in Free Fire or not. Let's head down with me as I use the site myself and see what it is actually is.

1. Apkzen Free Fire Diamond Generator Test

Apkzen is a website that is supposed to provide the mod version of different popular mobile games so you can get free currencies that you normally have to pay for such as Coins or Diamonds. On the homepage of Apkzen, they feature 20 games and apps, including Free Fire.

The website promised you to get free Diamonds in Free Fire and that their service is still up to date and working. Now, let's get started:

We can see the Status is Online, the app is updated until today (Nov 25), and there are even 113 people who are using the app at the moment.

It requires you to inject the content into Free Fire and you only have to do this once.

Image 1 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

So I press the 'Start Injection ' button. A window appears, showing that the website seems to be loading some files.

Image 2 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

When the loading is done, I have to choose the version of my phone and I choose Android.

Image 3 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

Another small window appears when I press 'Continue'. It says that it is preparing to inject the code into the app.

Image 4 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

When the process about to do, the website gives me a warning saying that my computer network has unusual high traffic so I need to verify myself manually and I only have 3 minutes to do that.

Image 5 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

You will be shown a bunch of offers and you must complete 2 of them. However, nothing even if I have finished all of them.

Image 6 Apkzen Free Fire Diamond

It seems that Apkzen Free Fire Diamond generator is just another scam website that tricks you into making money for them. This is the most common type of scam that you will see in a 'Diamonds Generator'. The good news is you are only wasting your time and not losing your account.

But by doing this, you are pretty much working to give the scammer money and the other way round. So they are getting richer while you get nothing.

2. How To Actually Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire

If you want to actually get some free Diamonds in Free Fire, we can show you how and it is not that different from what you have to do above, only this time the money is in your pocket. There are survey apps on Google Play Store that will pay you money for completing surveys and trying new games. You won't get 99999 Diamonds, you will get a couple of hundreds a week if you work hard.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google so it is totally legit. You will have to complete surveys in this app to get money in return. Some surveys can get you up to $1 each. You can then cash out this money as Google credit to buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

Opinion Rewards



Swagbucks has more activities than Google Opinion Rewards for you to get points. You can try new games, do surveys, online shopping,... to accumulate points. When you have enough points, you can cash them out to your Paypal account or Google credit to buy Diamonds in Free Fire.


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