While both males and females play video games, the esports scene is pretty much dominated by male players and teams – the girls are just not skilled enough to compete. However, they are still a huge demographic that companies can sell videogames to – and sometimes creating a separate esports tournament to support them is actually a good idea. Legion of Valkyrie is a small CS:GO tournament organized by Lenovo, with a prize pool of 1000 dollars – and you can probably guess from the name… no males are allowed.

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In technique-heavy games like CS:GO, female players pretty much have no chance whatsoever.

As this is an online tournament, there is no easy way to verify the identity of participants. Because of that, they are required to play on a video call to prevent identify frauds. The call can either be made using phones or PC, and they have to connect 15 minutes before the game begins.

The tweet exposed his actions in the tournament

An Asian dude thought that he could score some easy money by registering and playing the tournament under a disguise – the guy actually decked up in a full female set, wearing wig and glasses to avoid getting detected. However, his attempt was not good enough. Usually, people would question the choice of wearing a face mask indoor - but due to the pandemic, no one actually has any qualms about it.

Looks like he was caught when pulling down his mask to breathe

This has since spread like wildfire amongst the CS:GO community and throughout Twitter. It is still unclear what Lenovo is going to do about this incident, but it is likely that the guy and his team are going to be disqualified and that's it. The coronavirus has been a negative influence on the sports industry, as all LAN tournaments are canceled and replaced by online ones. It requires a lot of extra measures to counter hacks and third party "supports" in an online tournament - recently, more than half a dozen Free Fire pro players were caught cheating.

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