It can be enjoyable to simply sit back and spend a few hours playing games for the sheer pleasure of it. But if that’s your experience every time, then it’s likely that, at some point, you begin to feel a little bored of the activity. Anything that becomes too monotonous will no longer challenge you, and it won’t be long before the gameplay is no longer engaging.

The solution? Find ways to challenge yourself! There are plenty of ways to do just that, as we’ll see below. Take all our tips on board, and it won’t be long before you’re enjoying your games all the more. 


Play Against Better Opposition

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There’s a temptation to keep things easy in gaming and in other areas of life. But if you’re playing games on easy mode all the time, then there’ll be little capacity for growth and development. The solution? Make things more difficult for yourself. This could involve increasing the difficulty settings of the game or playing against better opposition. It’ll be difficult at first, but in time, you’ll find that you’re getting the hang of things. Plus, taking this approach simply forces you to engage with the better on a deeper level — if you don’t, you’ll have no hope of winning! 

Play A Challenging Game

If it feels like you’re strolling to victory in the games you’re currently playing, then it might be time to play a game that’ll challenge you a little more. There are plenty of strategy games that are easy to learn but difficult to master — and which provide the perfect challenge for people looking to test themselves. One old-school strategy game that could be an option is poker, a game that relies heavily on strategic thinking. You can play free poker online, which will provide the perfect opportunity to develop your skills without the pressure of playing at a casino.

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Switch Machines

Yes, people are often deeply loyal to their gaming device of choice. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no value in switching machines every so often. You may be so loyal to your PlayStation that you wouldn’t switch to Xbox (or vice versa), but you could consider playing a different type of console. There are plenty of handheld options, for instance, while Mac and PC games offer a completely different experience. You’ll need to get used to the controls, which is something that sounds annoying, but it’s actually good — you’ll be making new neural connections in your brain. 

Self-Imposed Restrictions

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Another option is to simply put some restrictions on yourself. There will be rules and limitations within the game itself, but they’re not the only ones you have to follow. You can challenge yourself by, for instance, collecting every collectible item within the world; you don’t need these items, but you’ll have fun hunting them down. People think that they’ve completed the game once they’ve gone through the final level. In reality, you’ll have completed it once you’ve done absolutely everything that you can do within the virtual world. 

Benefits of Challenging Yourself

There are plenty of reasons why we play games, including just simple entertainment and escapism. But there’s a lot of value in trying to extract as much value as we can from whatever it is that we’re doing. After all, passion isn’t permanent; it needs nurturing. You’ll find that you progress as a gamer if you’re periodically stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’ll be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll eventually make the step up — and with a mindset of development, you’ll find that you’re able to enjoy gaming for the rest of your life. 

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