Video games have gone a long way from being meer time filler to being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With the exponential growth from video games and the need for a competitive scene, many esports organizations and tournaments have come to life and regulated how we play and watch video games. Which esports organizations are the most influential in this world?

Esports Organizations 01
Which esports organizations are the best?

Hundred millions of dollars

On top of the list, Cloud9 and TSM are assessed at $400 million. Both organizations have their names on the list across various esports like League of Legends, Hearthstone, PUBG, Overwatch. TSM – Team Solomid has made the biggest jump of $150 million as compared to last year’s price tag. Cloud9 is still comfortable on top with their esports teams spread across multiple red-hot games.

Esports Organizations 02
TSM is pretty popular across multiple esports

The #3 is undoubtedly Team Liquid. Being among the longest-running esports organizations, Team Liquid fields various rosters across some of the most competitive esports like Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite. Their success with Dota 2 team during The International 2017 and 2019 was massive with multiple millions of dollars. Their CS:GO division also claimed the most prestigious trophy in CS:GO – IEM Grand Slam – with $1 million. Team Liquid is evaluated at $320 million.

Esports Organizations 03
Team Liquid is most famous with their Dota 2 roster

Success across multiple esports

Another big name on the list is FaZe Clan with their #4 place. With their exponential growth in Fortnite and PUBG, and decent success in CS:GO, FaZe Clan is priced at $240 million.

Esports Organizations 04
FaZe Clan is well renowned for their star-studded CS:GO rosters across a large span of time

The top 5 on the list is Immortal Gaming Club – owning multiple businesses like Immortals, MIBR, Optic Gaming, Los Angeles Valiant, and the Houston Outlaws. The organization has reached multiple deals over a large span of time, boasting the price tag of $210 million.

Esports Organizations 05
The Brazillian CS:GO powerhouse is one part of the Immortal Gaming club

Other honorable mentions are #7 fnatic with $175 million, #9 G2 Esports - $165 million, #10 100 Thieves - $160 million.

This could easily refute the claim the billionaire Mark Cuban made earlier this month - ‘Owning a team is an awful business’. Aren't esports businesses making a killing with their games?