CS:GO is arguably among the best Esports out there. Counter-Strike has been at the center of Esports since forever. The game does not field sky-high prize pool tournaments like Fornite or record-breaking events like Dota 2 The International. Yet the position of CS:GO in the world of Esports is undeniable.

Much as we love or hate CS:GO, competing squads are a part of the game. Under each era, we have many different squads to cheer for. Either good or bad, they have their own unique playstyles and players that we love or hate the most. Let’s take some names into considerations why would we HATE them:

Team Liquid

While Astralis reinvented the world of CS:GO with utility manipulation, SK Gaming introduced the disciplines coupled with star plays, What did Liquid do this whole time? 4 things: Headshots, hEadshots, heAdshots and then heaDshots. What they do these whole times was tap tap on the opponent’s heads. The enemies die out and they lift trophies. What in the world?

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 01
Stop taking everything on your track Team Liquid!

What is even fun when they just kill every moving target with practically any guns? What is with this 20 years old Super Sayain hair kid Russel Van “Twistzz “ Dulken who possesses a 65.9% headshot rate?

Why don't we just give cups to these Headshot Simulators already?

Even this muscular AWPer with the lowest headshot rate of 40.5% would boast a higher headshot rate than any other AWPer in the world. Boringly dead team!


Zyw0o is the most washed-up overrated player in the world. Who could have thought a Zytality could defeat one Astralis in a Bo3? How in the world would this fat kid who once deemed a cheater by G2 make it to this big stage?

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 02
Why would this kid get an MVP for "neutralizing people"?

Why is this fat kid joining the headshot simulators Liquid in killing people?

Flukes and flukes, biggest flukes ever. Kills are just numbers and ratings are just statistics. Zytality is overrated and worst French team ever.


Isn’t CS:GO an FPS game? What is with these nerd Danish players doing this whole time? Why would they need to throw everything into one player’s face? Can we just play fair and do 1vs1 aim like a man? What is with all these grenades that kill people. Blatant cheating when you just play 5 vs 4 the whole time. Boringtralis indeed.

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 03
You damned cheaters, robbing every Major away

Even their Nuke streak is cheating. Nuke is an overrated map. No one would want to play such an imbalanced map specifically made for Blastralis. Such a boring era when they robbed everyone of their fair share of winning.


Isn’t this team intended as a joke initially? How in the world could they beat both Liquid and Natus Vincere in the Major, shredding the last hope of humanity against the Blastralis monster? Why would they end the Astralis’ cheating Nuke streak? This must be the shady work of NiP to keep Astralis from breaking their record in Nuke.

What is this chorus for? Not even catchy AT ALL.

And what is this? EZ4ENCE? Biggest joke ever. Yeah yeah, they are placed 4th in the world now, it has finally made sense. Illuminati confirmed.


Reason To Hate Csgo Team 04
Reminiscent of 90s Nintendo games?

What is with this logo? Are their staff underpaid and had to come up with this 90s’ logo? Does NRG stand for Nintendo’s Rigged Gamers? It does look like one. Why would these snakes claim the #5 position after kicking their own IGL? Their results weren’t even decent, just denying Astralis a semi-final ticket to avoid Team Liquid. Well-deserved for Blastralis when facing Headshot Simulators.

And this boring NRG could only progress on to the semi-final in each event they attended. What a waste of time when they would just lose to Zytality and Blastralis.


What is it with these cluster of players? Can someone just put NiKo and Twistzz in a 1v1 duel to see who loses his head first? The game turns into such a boring game of finding heads for eZaF Clan. Well, the good news is that they have been stopped right on track with the new headshot machine Team Liquid.

Natus Vincere

The CIS squad should be renamed to s1mple and friends. Pretty much every game is one man’s show. electronic may sometimes steal the ACE chance for s1mple but that is often not the case. Zeus is also the biggest overrated IGL in the game. What is with their strategies? “release the Kraken, let s1mple go kill them all”. Pretty meh for a Major winner like Zeus with Gambit.

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 05
"Can I just kill 4 and let electronic finish the last player?"

Moreover, s1mple is just an amateur MVP hunter with 9 titles, not even comparable with 13 from Nicolai “device “ Reedtz


Reason To Hate Csgo Team 06
Boring Baguette

We have Zytality here, why would we want another overrated thin kid named Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub. He is just an MVP winner with some magic AWP shots. Not even close to s1mple’s flick shots. Only magic can save his career. Even Richard “shox“ Papillon is just too old for this FPS game. 27 years old and yet he is still playing video games, so meh.


Weirdest plays in the world. What is with this AWPer running around backstabbing everyone. How could CS:GO be a fair game when you just pop out of nowhere taking people’s life. Just like Astralis, can this team play a balanced game with 5v5 play for once? Stop snipping out unsuspecting victims, Andrei “arT” Piovezan!

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 07
Someone, please jail this bearded man before he kills another victim in the initial 20 secs each round


Another kindergarten by Finn “karrigan” Andersen. What is with these kids Özgür “woxic“ Eker – 20 YO, David "frozen" Čerňanský – 17 YO, and Robin "ropz" Kool – 19 YO. They should be learning to become scientists and engineers, not killing innocent people in some *cough cough* FPS game.

Reason To Hate Csgo Team 08
Someone, please jail this murder trainer

At this rate, frozen and ropz will join the ranks of Team Liquid in becoming headshot machines in no time. They will become cold-blooded murders who lay waste to everything. Someone, please stop this.


Well, we don’t talk about the #2 Danish team here. Blastralis has already made any Danish team look so bad. Blame them for overshadowing every other team!