Team Liquid is currently the undisputable #1 CS:GO team in the world. They managed to take down the former best team in the world – Astralis –  to craft their own era. No one in the world can deny that fact now. It is time to watch Team Liquid dominate the CS:GO scene.

Liquid Dismantled Ence 01
The event in Chicago was Team Liquid's showing

The includes many big names like Vitality, G2, ENCE, and MIBR. Though Natus Vincere and Astralis were missing out the tournament, IEM Chicago is still considered an S-tier tournament. There was big money up to grab and big names to compete against.

Any chance to stop Team Liquid?

Due to the seeding of the event, Team Liquid was arranged in the different bracket from ENCE and Vitality. Based on the current ranking in the world, Vitality was #2 and ENCE was #4. They were the most probable contender against Team Liquid.

Liquid Dismantled Ence 02
Team Vitality looked set to take revenge on Team Liquid

Team Liquid carried on their dominant performance they have consistently put up for the whole last 3 months. They dismantled Envy on 2 maps, dropping only 7 rounds combined. One interesting thing is that Team Liquid lost 3 out of 4 pistol rounds though they got better aim and skills.

The only apparent opposition

Team Liquid would then face strong opposition from the French giant G2. The first two maps saw close competition with both teams reaching double digits scoreline. G2 won the opening map Dust2 while Team Liquid managed to tie out the game after winning Overpass.

Things seemed to be the end for ENCE where the 3rd map was Inferno, Team Liquid’s map pick. However, the Finns put up a decent amount of opposition where they went up to 14 rounds. However, Team Liquid managed to close it out at 16-14. Truly the fastest grand final ever.

The beginning of another $1 million?

That was it. Team Liquid has won the first event in the Grand Slam season 3. They will have to win 3 more events including one Major or another Master-tiered event to claim another $1 million.