Pistol in CS:GO is a light and fast weapon. It is the basic weapon you are provided with at the start of each round. The most iconic round for pistol in CS:GO is the first round of each half. Typically, 10 players start the game with $800. That is not enough for anyone to buy a rifle.

In the first round of every half, every pro player has the chance to display their insane aim with pistols. When everyone is equally equipped, the play is the key. Here we provide you with the top 5 best pistol performers at big events in 2019.

#5 -  Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner  - NiP - 1.25 rating

The young Swedish rifler is famous for his AK47 capacity. He is the most consistent performer in NiP currently alongside F0rest. He is a very capable pistol user. In pistol round, he scores an impressive 1.25 rating in big tournaments.

Top 5 Csgo Pistol 01
REZ is a consistent performer in pistol rounds for NiP

#4 - Nicolai "device" Reedtz – Astralis - 1.28 rating

The key player in Astralis – device – has been performing well in pistol rounds. It is understandable since he is an AWPer. In a tough situation where he may face many opponents and an AWP is not the best solution, he needs to resort to pistols. device currently scores 1.28 rating in pistol rounds, which has helped to secure many first round advantages for Astralis.

Top 5 Csgo Pistol 02
An AWPer needs to be a consistent pistol player. device has proved it well

#3 - Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken – Team Liquid – 1.30 rating

The star rifler of Team Liquid – Twistzz – is notorious for his headshot capacity. The young star currently possesses a staggering 60.8% headshot over 16,894 kills he made in his entire career. That in part made him one of the best pistol players in the world. In 2019, he scored a 1.30 rating in pistol rounds in big events.

Top 5 Csgo Pistol 03
Twistzz is among the top headshot-er in CS:GO

#2 - Håvard "rain" Nygaard – FaZe Clan – 1.35 rating

It comes as no surprise that a star in the all-star lineup of FaZe clan makes it to this list. FaZe Clan is notorious for recruiting a star-studded squad. Each team member of FaZe Clan can be a monster when it comes to aim duels. rain currently have a headshot ratio of 55.5%. He is the most consistent player in FaZe Clan in pistol round with a 1.35 rating.

Top 5 Csgo Pistol 04
Rain is consistent in pistol rounds, helping FaZe to secure early game advantages

#1 - Emil "Magisk" Reif – Astralis – 1.45 rating

One player that stands out in the list is Magisk from Astralis. He boasts a staggering 1.45 rating in pistol rounds. He is the main reason why Astralis can get so many advantages early into the game. The young rifler improved significantly as an individual ever since joining Astralis in February 2018. He is currently the entry fragger for Astralis.

Top 5 Csgo Pistol 05
Magisk did the most part in pistol rounds for Astralis

However, Astralis has been struggling recently with the rise of many teams like Team Liquid, Vitality, NRG. They need more than just early advantages to win one CS:GO game.