The July 31 CS:GO update is on air with various changes to the game. They made some gameplay adjustments with a new game mode. Linux users can now experience better performance. The update also includes many changes to the competitive scene maps. Overpass and Vertigo got some minor changes.

A new game mode in the official matchmaking

CS:GO official got a new mode “Scrimmage Maps” in the official competitive matchmaking. They also add and remove some maps in the map pool of the official matchmaking.

Csgo Update July31 01
Some minor changes this patch

Games in Scrimmage Maps won’t count toward your Skill Groups. The mode is like an “unranked mode” for you to practice with friends. However, abandoning the match once you have accepted the game will lead to a penalty. Scrimmage Maps currently features Ruby, Breach, and Seaside.

Csgo Update July31 03
Ruby is now in the Scrimmage Maps

Ruby is already in the Defusal Group Sigma. The addition of Breach and Seaside to this group alongside the old school maps like Cobblestones and Zoo will give you more room for choice.

The map Workout in the hostage rescue map is currently removed. The map was added to the map pool alongside Ruby on April 25, 2019.

Competitive scene maps changes

Csgo Update July31 02
Changes to the competitive scene maps

The changelog stated the removal of a boost spot on Overpass but did not specify which place. Overpass has been the controversial map where many boost spots comes into the play. Recently in a competitive game between 5Power and AVANT, one player used a boost spot to get stuck in the air. The spot is likely to have manipulated pixel walk, which is prohibited in the game.

This patch on July 31 includes most changes to the recently added map, Vertigo. The map has been unimpressive since the release as a replacement for Cache earlier this year. As many people insist, the map is heavily T-sided and extremely buggy. Honestly, that is not good for competitive scene as most teams would likely ban it right away. Recently in big tournaments, not many matches happened there on Vertigo.

Since the update, many people have already found new smoke and boost spots

Berlin Major 2019 is up ahead. Stay tuned for some of the best CS:GO in this year.