India is seen as a significantly beneficial target for future investment, at least when it comes to the esports industry. Recent stats surrounding this field definitely speak for it, and recently, it has added up with India’s achievement of taking the lead for most game downloads in the world.

India Mobile Esports
India is the most promising land for the esports industry at the moment.

Specifically, PUBG Mobile, Pokemon GO, and the recent emerging game Among Us, all have reached massive numbers of downloads from Indian players.

A report from Sensor Tower has revealed that the most downloaded game position belongs to Among Us from Innersloth since October this year. India stood at the top with 15% of the total downloads, while the USA ranked 2nd with 12%. 

Another popular battle royale game among the Indian gamer community is Garena Free Fire, which also became the most downloaded game of 2020 in India for the first nine months, mostly thanks to the country’s ban for PUBG Mobile. 

India Mobile Esports 2
PUBG Mobile has been no longer the most played game across the country, but it's set to make a comeback in the near future.

About PUBG Mobile, the good news is that the game is permitted to appear in the Indian game markets in near future and promises to strike up the number of downloads in this country once again. 

According to data collected by Sensor Tower, up to now, India already took over the 1st position with a total download percentage of 17%, followed by the USA finishing as the runner-up 10% and Brazil standing at the 3rd spot with 8%. 

India Mobile Esports 3
India already took over the 1st position with a total download percentage of 17%.

Those numbers definitely show India’s potential in the gaming industry and perhaps they are likely to contribute to changing investors’ attitude towards the game market in India.

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