In case you are not familiar with Tej Kohli then he is an Indian self-made billionaire who is currently living in London and has launched his venture capital Rewired GG. Recently, Team Vitality, a French organization, has announced to had received the investment from this robotics-focused fund, with its amount up to €20 million (£17.7 million).

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Tej Kohli is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist

With this investment, Team Vitality is expected to upgrade their “state of the art facilities”, in more details their training process, performance center, a physical office as well as a flagship store.

This is the first investment ever made by Rewired GG, but as per the commitment of Tej Kohli, there will be more. The Indian billionaire planned to spend €50 million in total in esports through this venture studio.  His interview with Esports Insider provided more details about his fund and about himself also.

Team Vitality’s President and Co-founder Fabien Devide appreciated this investment: “This investment marks a truly significant moment in the five-year history of our team and is a result of the hard work of our players, and the unquestionable loyalty of our supporters. We look forward to building on the already great community Team Vitality has established and to welcoming new players and supporters in the future.”

They also take advantage of Tej Kohli’s experience and reputation in order to expand to new markets such as South East Asia and China with a view of becoming globally recognized.

French Esports Club Team Vitality Raises 2 5 Milli
Team Vitality is the first organization that Rewire invested in and they deserve it

The CEO and Co-founder of Team Vitality, Nicolas Maurer, proudly emphasized that the ambition of his team is becoming the leading esports team worldwide, and this time, with the support of Mr. Kohli, they hope to take a closer step to the top. In his view, esport can challenge its traditional counterpart when it comes to audience and investment, and Team Vitality should be one of the best team in the industry.

Team Vitality is a rising organization in French, and its effort seems to deserve the amount of fund they received. Last week, together with 9 other long-term partners, they entered the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) (formerly known under the name European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) ). Recently, Vitality also entered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Rewire is a Robotics-focus investment arm and Tej Kohli is the man behind it

Speaking about the reason behind his decision to back this organization, Tej Kohli said he saw the future in esports as the combination of sport and entertainment. In this industry, Vitality is the top European teams, and he was excited to see it grow into an international brand.

He also expressed his gratitude to use his experience in helping the team to manage themselves in order to become a world class team. Tej Kohli hoped Team Vitality will be respected by all gamers and become the dream workplace for all game-supporters.

Team Vitality Tej Kohli
The growth of Team Vitality under the help of Rewire and Tej Kohli should benefit both sides

According to Esports Insider, this Indian entrepreneur has made a sound decision investing his money in Team Vitality. It showed joining the esports industry is not his impulsive intention at all. Considering its anticipation on LEC and its certain slot on CS:GO, this European-leading esport team is considered an organization with a lot of potential in the future and is sure to set its foot on other new markets out there. The sector for esport investing is hot now, but Vitality can still be proud as it has raised one of the largest investment ever for a European esport team.