Faze Clan and Black Dragons were both alleged to have match-fixed in Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 by the latter's ex-analyst Thiago "Thyy" Nicézio.

A handful of considerable proofs for that allegation were given out by Nicézio, who had left Black Dragons not long before due to personal reasons. He claimed that Black Dragons' Gleidson “GdNN1” Marcondes Reginato Junior and Ronaldo “ion” Koji Osawa Filho from FaZe had joined hand to throw some certain matches in exchange for their benefits in the competition.

In a Reddit thread, a part of recorded exchanges between Nicézio and GdNN1 was translated. In response to Nicézio's question, GdNN1 said that he just didn't care about the case anymore since nothing would change.

He also blamed the characteristic of the Latin America division for his team's action, saying that it was a "disgusting scene". GdNN1 also posted a brief explanation and apology about what happened. Long story short, he said that the team played in a "YOLO" attitude, the internet crashed, there was no game-fixing.

Gdnn1 rainbow six
GdNN1 during Rainbow Six

GdNN1 also thanked Black Dragons for treating him in "the most professional way possible." Due to the incident, he is not in the Black Dragons' line-up anymore and is waiting for an official investigation. We are not sure if Ubisoft has done anything about it.

FaZe hasn't spoken anything about the incident. Yet, with their place in the Milan Finals' semifinals now, and with the fact that the match with Black Dragons before secured them a place in the Finals, it's likely that they will sooner or later have to say something about it.

Nevertheless, such allegations cast a shadow on the Rainbow Six Pro League with negative thoughts and may well ruin its reputation, especially if they are proved to be true.