Team SouL, once known as the best PUBG Mobile team in India, hasn't been at their best lately. Ever since the PMCO Falls Splits last year, team SouL has been consistently placing low in most tournaments they were in, including the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia. They were in the top 12 with 213 points after Day 3 Week 2 and it was only because their great performance on the next day that they caught up with others and is now in the top 9.

En Pmpl South Asia Day 4 W 2 Pubg Mobile Pro Leagu
Team SouL is now in top 9 and totally has a chance to get to top 5/ top 6

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After their Chicken Dinner on Week 2 Day 4, MortaL had a little chat with the casters about the future of team SouL and their upcoming plan. MortaL revealed that his team is now focusing on being qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League through the PMPL Finals as one of the top 2 teams. As for now in the PMPL South Asia League Stage, they will still try their best but only aim for a top 5 or top 6 placement.

Talking about team SouL lineup, MortaL said that Aman wasn't in the team because he had to work on his skill in the game. Once Aman returned, he will be replacing MortaL in the team because MortaL is currently having the worst stats in team SouL. From now on, for the sake of team SouL, all decisions will be made based on stats so the team can perform better. MortaL was also thinking about hiring a coach for team SouL to help them improve.

600px Aman Soul
Aman will be replacing MortaL in team SouL

While MortaL won't be playing with team SouL in tournaments for a while, we will still be able to see them together in streams. MortaL has made a brave decision for the sake of his team, showing how great he is as a person and as a professional.