Indian PUBG Mobile Star SOUL’s MortaL is invited to the upcoming Dreamhack Delhi 2019. Dreamhack India confirmed this information earlier today. This event will be held from December 6 to 8 in New Delhi, India.

PUBG Mobile Star MortaL

MortaL is a popular gaming streamer and PUBG Mobile players in India. He plays for Team SOUL, one of two Indian representatives at PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Spilt 2019 Global Finals. Although Team SOUL finished their journey in this tournament at top #12, MortaL had a really impressive performance.

Mortal Is Presenting In Dreamhack Delhi 2019
MortaL Is Presenting In Dreamhack Delhi 2019

Besides, MortaL is a famous gaming YouTuber in this country. He usually plays PUBG Mobile on his stream and shows off his excellent skills, which attracts lots of viewers. This weekend, this gaming star will present at NSIC Okhla in DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019 event. Dreamhack India announced his appearance in this event. According to the notification, the player will present at the event on December 8 to meet and greet his fans. It’s a great opportunity for MortaL’s fans to meet their idol.

Dreamhack Delhi's Pan Fest 2019

3-Day long event Dreamhack Delhi’s Pan Fest 2019 is held in India’s capital on November 6 to 8 at NSIC Exhibition Ground. This is a great PUBG Mobile tournament for Indian gamers with the prize pool of INR 3.75lahks. There will be a solo match and a squad match every hour.

Join Pan Fest And Win Prize Every Hour
Join Pan Fest And Win Prizes Every Hour

In specific, there are 15 solo matches in three days with 3 TPP matches and 2 FPP matches per day. Solo matches will take place in two PUBG Mobile maps, Erangel and Sanhok. The squad tournament shares the same format with the solo game. The winner of each solo match gets INR 5,000 while the winning squad gets INR 20,000.

In addition to PUBG Mobile, Dreamhack Delhi 2019 also feature gaming tournaments for other games, such as CS: CO, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate with great prize pools.

A Great Esports Event For Gamers
A Great Esports Event For Gamers