The mobile gaming industry in India has been on the rise for a few years, with the most popular name being PUBG Mobile. Since its release in 2018, the game has become an unbeatable mobile game title in India in terms of both revenue and user base. 24 percent of the game’s total downloads are from India. 

Most Popular Esports Event India PUBG Mobile
Only one Free Fire event makes it to the list while the other 9 events are related to the most popular mobile game in India.

The PUBG Mobile's popularity is also shown in a recent survey of popular esports events in India by analytical statistics agency Esports charts. According to the survey, 9 out of the 10 most popular events in the country represent PUBG Mobile while the other one is related to Free Fire

The most popular esports event in India is PUBG Mobile World League East S0 (PMWL East S0), peaking at 4.49 lakh viewers. PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring 2020 South Asia is the second most popular, attracting 2.68 lakh viewers at its peak.

As mentioned, only one Free Fire tournament makes its way to this top 10 list and that is Free Fire Brawler Bash. The event, held in July, stays at the 4th place with 1.54 lakh peaked viewers. 

Here are the most popular Esports events in India based on peak viewers:

  1. PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East - 4.49 lakh
  1. PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring 2020 South Asia - 2.68 lakh
  1. PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 - 1.64 lakh
  1. Free Fire Brawler Bash - 1.54 lakh
  1. PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 3 - 1.48 lakh
  1. PUBG Mobile Streamers Showdown - 1.34 lakh
  1. PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring 2020 Indonesia - 1.19 lakh
  1. PMCO 2020 Spring India - 94,000
  1. PMCO 2020 Fall India - 86,000
  1. #GamingForGood Charity Tournament - 83,000

A couple of weeks ago, Esports Charts also released a report about popular esports events in the world. PMWL East S0 also tops the charts in August with over 11 lakh viewers. 35.8% of the total view count of PMWL 2020 East is from the Hindi stream while 37.3% were from the Indonesian stream. The event was also among the most-viewed events in the world in July 2020, attracting up to 7.27 lakh live viewers.