Tanmay Singh aka Scout has landed into yet another controversy but this time with a female PUBG Mobile player. India's only all-female PUBG Mobile squad Super Girls faced a serious issue after their in-game leader Mayuri "Olive" Singh failed to play PMCO 2020 group stage matches. She allegedly abandoned the team which left the squad with only three players. Scout during his live stream had said that such esports players should be beaten up with shoes and chappals.

Team Supergirls Pmco
Team Supergirls were left with the only three-member squad after its two players backed out.

Mayuri "Olive" Singh faced severe criticism online after she switched off her phone and failed to turn up for the PMCO 2020 group stages game. Her teammates tirelessly tried to contact her but failed to bring her back to the team. Several allegations were made claiming that she has been directed by another organization to not play the match.

Mayuri "Olive" Singh

However, Olive claimed that due to family issues she had to abandon the team. She further stated that she was the fourth player in the team and had recently joined Super Girls.

In an Instagram post, Olive threatened to beat up Scout with her five-inch heels

During the live stream, Scout was asked about his opinion on the entire controversy to which he said that such players (Olive) should be beaten up with shoes and chappals. Reacting to which Olive posted a counter-message on her Instagram message which stated that people who are suggesting to hit me with shoes and chappals should first get to know facts and then react.

People with huge fan following and audience should be responsible and find facts before making such statements. She also said that shoes and chappals will hurt less than her five-inch heels.

Scout funnily reacted to the five-inch heels controversy.

The statement itself was a threat to Scout. After which Scout responded to the entire incident and claimed that now he is scared of five-inch heels and people might even get killed by it.