PGL Major Antwerp 2022 starts on May 9, and all CS:GO fans are asking the same question: which team has the best chance advancing out of the first round?

And although the history of the majors knows cases when a dark horse has risen to the top, professionals' predictions are always interesting to read and then compare to reality. Here's an opinion from Akimov, a coach who has worked in the Majors during his career, and knows a thing or two about CS:GO at

Pgl Major


Top-4 team in the world with one new player, has been showing solid and consistent results in recent months. Often the games were close, so it is possible to lose to someone. They are in great shape at the moment, and definitely have to show a good result.

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The international stars have finally entered work mode, and the emotions and hype have worn off. Right now it's still a process of adapting and adjusting to each other and finding their game.

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That's probably why they lose to weaker opponents and may have problems at all stages: they have to choose between "playing the way they're used to" and "playing the way they trained".  Nevertheless, they should perform well due to the individual skill of each player. If you believe in this team, you can add more excitement to watching CS:GO matches and bet at


Another attempt of the Danish giant looks, at first glance, controversial. On the one hand, it's a dramatic change in the roster (3 players and 1 coach), and on the other hand - raging emotions and confident young players who need to show results "here and now" if they want to stay in the lineup.

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Nevertheless, there are two things that can play out over the long haul: the individual decline of the core of older players and the lack of time to practice. They will definitely get through the first stage, though - there are weaker teams. But further performance is in question.


The French-Danish crew didn't have much time to practice. It's hard to evaluate this mix of different countries yet: they would have been more used to communicating in their native languages. Let's see what they have prepared in more than a month.

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They should pass the first stage simply due to the individual skill and experience of the players, but beyond that there will be no simple way.


This team is among the favorites of the North American scene. Definitely will pass the first stage due to the experience and good form of the players. Did the star French veteran help the squad? Absolutely, yes. But to what extent we will see in the next stage.

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In terms of time they were luckier: 2 months is a good period of training for the scene. Expect a good performance from them.


The acquired and slightly changed lineup of Extra Salt stagnates and can't get over the threshold to consistently get into the top 15. Perhaps the regional scene and lack of bright, big-name players is taking its toll.

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So, until they figure that out, they're unlikely to move forward. It's entirely possible that even some hot newcomers from other regions should beat them. The chances of advancing to the second round are slim.


The youngest team in this tournament and probably the youngest team in the CIS region to reach this stage of the majors. They have done a great job, and the lineup is good.

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But it seems that they are too early to go over the first stage. They need to get used to it, get some experience. They achieved a lot just by getting here.  Of course, they can make a run, but with the format of the tournament it will be hard to do that. Besides, the story with the coach can be very hard on the young team, because Hally is one of the key figures in the team. If they are lucky with their opponents, they can advance, but with some difficulty.

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