From Dota 2, Valve, Earthshaker is the next hero on the list to have the privilege of having an arcana! Right now, just about three weeks after the launch of TI9 Battle Pass, everyone can own an Earthshaker arcana - “Planetfall” if they reach level 365. After taking some first glance, we can say that it looks absolutely amazing!

Dota 2 Earthshaker Arcana 0524 1021x580
Planetfall, a brand-new arcana for Dota 2's Earthshaker.

Arcana overview

For your information, the special item features beautiful visual mods to almost all abilities of the hero. That includes Enchant Totem (which Earthshaker swings his mighty totem with just one hand), Aftershock (now displays cool blue cracks) and the ultimate Echo Slam (creating stunning blue and circular effect).

You might be wondering, are they ignoring his first skill, Fissure? Well, apparently, from the first Immortal Treasure of TI9 this year, you have a chance of having an Earthshaker Immortal item in his Totem slot. Therefore, add such item slot to the Arcana and it would be a perfect Earthshaker in amazing cosmetics.

Planetfall Earthshaker
The beautiful visual effect of Echo Slam with Planetfall.

Additionally, owners of Planetfall will get special hero banner loadout on top of the in-game screen alongside other normal banners. Moreover, it gets cooler and cooler as the arcana has a second style! Unlike the blue-ish theme of the first one, this one has an orange theme which matches the Earthshaker’s original theme! Clicking on the Arcana Progress, we see that the alternate style requires 500 kills or assists using Echo Slam.

Earth Shaker
How the in-game hero banner for Earthshaker arcana looks like.


Here’s the story behind the Earthshaker arcana:

“Earthshaker – the spirit of the Earth has merged with the fragments from an outer world. Earthshaker was filled with the memories of a long-gone land. From time to time, Earthshaker has faced an interstellar traveler that sought to eliminate his inner world awakening power. He sensed the coming of dark forces and felt the need to join heaven, gaining knowledge about Earth’s bitter end. He understood the catastrophic end of Earth and would do anything to avenge his sister’ passing.”

Earth Shaker 2nd Style
An alternate style comes along the release of Planetfall.

In summary, Earthshaker arcana comes with:

  • An all-new hero model
  • Custom Enchant Totem, Echo Slam, Blink Dagger, Stun Effects
  • A new Combo Counter, showing Ability Streaks and damage dealt
  • Over 500 new Voice Lines
  • An unlockable alternate style of Burning Descent