With the release of The International 2019 Battle Pass yesterdays, Dota 2 fans around the world can enjoy many in-game privileges while contributing to the prize pool for the main event of TI9. The acceleration in the total prize pool of The International each year has become quite a fun thing to watch.

Valve has been able to deliver the right contents to satisfy their fans' insatiable hunger for The International 2019 event. After quite a while, here Battle Pass has finally come. The sale of Battle Pass in some first hour has been quite staggering. Here is the record of prize pool milestone in the first 24 hours in the since TI5.

Dota2 First 24
Massive prize pool increases each year thanks to Dota 2 enthusiasts

The First 24 Hours — TI9 has reached the highest prize pool in the opening day compared to every TI before. It towers up above the rest an amount of around $1.7 million higher than that of The Internation 7. Even the gap between this year's prize pool compared to last year's has been more than doubled.

Currently, TI9 is 30% further above than that of TI8 at the same stage. With this, many people expect Ti9 will be even more successful than the last year's massive $25,532,177. The International has always been really consistent, being the most funded event in the world of Esports each year.

Dota2 First 24 02
Last year's 1st place finish took home $11,200,000. How much will this year's champion get from the lion's share?

Please note that only 25% of the money from sales of The International's Battle Pass actually goes to the prize pool. Also, Valve will contribute $1,600,000 to the initial prize pool. So, the actual total earnings from the Battle Pass 2019 in the first 24 hours far exceed that impressive $7 million. It seems like Dota 2 has quite a big fan base with those who are willing to contribute to the most important event of the year.