After quite a while, DOTA 2 gamers around the world can now purchase The International Battle Pass 2019 on Steam. It was released on 7th May 2019 at 09 P.M. Shortly after released, just 3 hours later, the prize pool contributed from Battle Pass 2019 skyrocketed to more than $3 million.

Dota2 Battle Pass 00
Is it raining full of joy or money? or both?

The release of Battle Pass is expected to satisfy fans of DOTA 2 after a long time waiting. In some DOTA 2 forums or websites, lots of people waited eagerly for the event of this year.

Dota2 Battle Pass 04
copy-pasta and meme lines are spammed in forums

This year, like every other, The International Battle Pass is expected to wage sky-high amount of money compared to other Esports' competition. 25% of the money from the Battle Pass goes directly to the prize pool of The International each year. Last year, the TI8, the total revenue from Battle Pass topped $25,532,177, higher than that of every year before. Also, the growth rate of contribution from Battle Pass earnings in some initial days is amazing.

Dota2 Battle Pass 05
Graph showing Prize Pool growth

The theme color of this year's Aegis is purple, which stands for the Invisible rune of power, an important factor in the game. Also, this color matches the skin of the infamous supervillain Thanos in the recent blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. This could be a good reference that Valve used to give fans something to relate to.

Dota2 Battle Pass 03
The International Battle Pass is inevitable

More to tell about this year's Battle Pass, there are many new features introduced. One event called Wrath of the Mo'rokai is in the front page, promising some interesting events ahead, very much like the well-loved SiltBreaker in 2017 Battle Pass. Jungle Expedition seems like a maze of Battle Pass Quests like those in many last years, giving player chances to level up their Pass. Living Tower looks like an interesting feature as well, as they give a fresh look to towers, making it more human-like. Feel free to explore wonderful features in this year's Battle Pass