After the horrible performance of team SouL in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020, MortaL has decided that the team needs some time to work on their problems and performance in the game. And so team SouL has even skipped the PMIS 2020, where fans expected them to claim the champion cup once again.

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Team SouL was the winner of the PMIS 2019 but they decided to skip PMIS 2020 to improve their  performance

MortaL also revealed in the past after the PMPL South Asia 2020 that they are going to have a new coach and a new player in their roster. This new player is going to replace Aman, who left SouL for Entity Gaming. Fans have been dying to see who this player will be and if he can help SouL come back.

Just yesterday, team SouL has officially revealed the new player of their roster on social media and it is going to be Soul Blaezi. He is going to play the assaulter position in team SouL.

This is the current roster of team SouL in the upcoming tournament:

  • SouL Mortal (IGL)
  • SouL Regalstos (Assaulter)
  • SouL Viper (Supporter)
  • SouL Sangwan (Support)
  • Soul Blaezi (Assaulter)

Blaezi used to play in Team Zerodegree in PMCO Fall 2019 and in team Godx in the semi-finals of the PMIS 2019. The guy is quite well-known among the Indian PUBG Mobile community. Let's hope that this new start of him in team SouL is going to benefit both.

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The PMCO Fall Split is starting very soon

In the upcoming PMCO Fall Split 2020, team SouL will have to fight to be qualified just like every other team to get the PMPL South Asia. This is not going to be easy as there will be thousands of teams out there who also want to be qualified.

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