PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge is a gaming event featuring 32 influencers in the field. The participants are chosen from a total of 64 based on voting results. The voting is quite straightforward and was held right in the game. To vote, players log in to PUBG and go to the center of the event to buy roses, which are used to boost influencers’ popularity.

PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge voting
The voting was held right in PUBG Mobile

Only half of the influencers from each region, including the Middle East, India, Europe, South East Asia, Africa, and North America, are chosen to take part in the PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge.

The voting process lasts from June 23 to July 6.

PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge India Participants

PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge india finalists
India has four influencers chosen tp participate in PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge

Indian influencers who have high voting shares are:

  • Naman 'Mortal' Mathur, leader, and owner of Team Soul, India’s most well-known clan. He is also a household name on YouTube and in the PUBG Mobile community.
  • Aaditya 'Dynamo' Sawant boasts 18 lakh Instagram and 75 lakh YouTube subscribers. He owns the famous Hydra Clan.
  • Tanmay 'Scout' Singh is among the PUBG players with the most experience. He has been playing since 2018 and is known for his mid and long-range sprays. His YouTube and Instagram numbers of subscribers are 20 lakh and 15 lakh respectively.
  • Parv' Regaltos' Singh is a prominent name in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. He is part of Team Soul and has for himself 6.5 lakh followers on Instagram and 12 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

Here are other influencers selected from the other regions:

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