One of the most important elements of gameplay in PUBG Mobile is the Flare Gun. The airdrop crate it calls gives players an extremely powerful weapon that might even ensure victory in the right hand. However, getting your hand on a Flare Gun is not easy – it spawns randomly across the map on various locations.

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Using the Flare Gun in Sanhok

In this guide, we would provide you with some of the places with the highest chances for a Flare Gun to spawn on Sanhok and the strategies around it.

Where to look for the Flare Gun on Sanhok?

The red areas are the locations with the higher spawn rate for the Flare Gun on Sanhok, with the yellow areas being slightly lower. Due to the randomness of loot spawns, giving out exact coordinates is impossible. The general rule is that the bigger the area, the higher the spawn rate.

Flare Gun Locations In Sanhok
Flare Gun Locations In Sanhok

The two best flare gun locations are:

  • Khao

A hot drop location – if you managed to get a flare gun here, it is best to wait for a little before calling it down

  • Bootcamp

The center of the map – a lot of fights take place at this location. If you find the Flare gun here, prepare for a fight immediately.

The rests are pretty decent, but not as big as the two above.

  • Camp Charlie
  • Camp Bravo
  • Sahmee
  • Docks
  • Kampona
  • Ha Tinh
  • Ban Tai

How to call down airdrops safely

It is pretty tricky to get airdrop items on Sanhok, due to the smaller size of the island comparing to Erangel or Miramar. Other players would be drawn to your location, which might lead to further complications.

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You can get the extremely powerful Ghillie Suit from Airdrops

There are 2 ways you can proceed with a Flare Gun – either use the airdrop crate as bait or call it down right before the zone countdown ends. Hopefully, people would be too busy to move into the safe zone to notice the crate.

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