Looks like all India squads have ready for the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of the year, PMWL (Full name: PUBG Mobile World League East 2020 Season Zero). This is going to be a long-running online affair that lasts for one month, divided into 4 different stages. The tournament starts tomorrow at 6 PM IST.

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This pool was divided into 2 for East and West region

About PMWL 2020:

The total prize pool of the tournament is 3.1 crore, with the winner taking home 0.74 crores. Seven teams from India have gotten into this tournament, taking all the slots from the South Asia region (India’s domination in PUBG Mobile is just overwhelming). These seven squads along with 13 more squads from other regions in Asia would participate in PMWL.

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The 20 teams who are going to participate in the East region

Two of India’s best squads, Megastars, and Orange Rock, have finally announced their full roster for PMPL, just a few hours before the tournament start. Owais and Scout, formerly members of Fnatic, have managed to get substitute slots in teams that actually manage to qualify for PMWL.

Megastars’ PMWL 2020 roster:

95655 Owais Joins Megastars
Owais Joins Megastars
  • Mega Paradox: Parichay 'Paradox ' Bansal is the in-game leader and brain of the team, responsible for all their tactical gameplay. Paradox has a big part in Megastars’ success in PMPL 2019 and the recent PMCO.
  • Mega Vexe: Arth 'Vexe' Trivedi, added to the lineup after PMCO Fall last year, is amongst the best Assaulter in the country currently.
  • Mega Swag: Rishabh 'Swag' Jain plays in the assaulter position in Megastars
  • Mega Encore: Rishabh 'Encore' Katoch is another assaulter – the guy has been playing with Swag and Paradox for about a year
  • Mega Owais: Mohammed 'Owais' Lakhani is loaned from Fnatic – in his former lineup, he was IGL/Assaulter. The former Soul member is one of the most respected in the community.

Orange Rock’s PMWL 2020 Roster:

  • OR Mavi: Harmandeep 'Mavi' Singh is the IGL of Orange Rock, with the ability to correctly predict rotations of other squads and zone shifts. Mavi is also pretty good in melee range fights.
  • OR Anto: Joe 'Anto' Michael is a former player of GodLike. He plays at the assaulter position and is a master of the thumb setup.
  • OR Daljitsk: Daljit 'Daljitsk' Singh is widely considered one of the best snipers in the region. The guy generally plays in a support role.
  • OR Viru: Viren 'Viru' Gour is yet another assaulter using the thumb layout. However, he also uses gyroscope. Viru is one of the rising stars in PUBG Mobile India.
  • OR GiLL: Arshpreet 'Gill' Singh is one of the top 3 assaulters in the kill leaderboard of PMPL. He has just joined OR recently.
  • OR Scout: Tanmay 'Scout' Singh is one of the most skilled and experienced players in the PUBG Mobile community. Scout is known for his accurate sprays at mid and long-range.

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