The most anticipated PUBG Mobile tournament of the year, the PUBG Mobile World League or PMWL, is going to start on July 10. PMWL 2020 is going to last for a month, with 4 different stages. 20 teams from the eastern regions are going to compete for the grand prize of 3.1 Crore, with 7 amongst them being South Asian.

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The top 20 best teams in the East

6 is the maximum number of players allowed in a PUBG Mobile roster. Due to the off-time between PUBG Mobile Premier League and PMWL 2020, quite a few roster changes and additions has happened

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PMWL is not the highest tier - the winners of Spring and Fall Season would meet in the World Championship

Owais, one of the most successful Indian players, has left Fnatic to join Megastars after doing pretty poorly in PMIS. ScoutOp, also in the PMIS lineup of Fnatic, has left on load to Orange Rock. SouL Aman, after failing to get a direct ticket to PMWL, has joined TSM-Entity as a substitute. Team IND got two new members Aladdin and 420op. Synerge added Zigsaw. Sponsors are also pretty busy at work as well, with Galaxy Racer from Dubai partnered up with Celtz, Hong Kong’s Nova esports paired up with GodLike.

Covering 1/3 of the total teams, chances are pretty high for at least one of them to get into the top 3. Below are the official lineups of all South Asian Teams in PMWL.

The 7 Indian Teams qualified for PMWL


  • Mega Swag - Rishabh Jain
  • Mega Encore - Rishabh Katoch
  • Mega Owais - Mohammed Owais Lakhani
  • Mega Paradox - Parichay Bansal (IGL)
  • Mega Vexe - Arth Trivedi

TSM- Entity

  • TSM-Ent Clutchgod - Vivek Aabhas(Igl)
  • TSM-Ent Neyoo - Suraj Majumdar
  • TSM-Ent Aman - Aman Jain
  • TSM-Ent Jonathan - Jonathan Amaral
  • TSM-Ent Zgod - Abhishek Choudhary
  • TSM-Ent Ghatak - Abhijeet Andhare

Team Ind

  • Team Ind Slayer - Kanishk Shah
  • Team Ind Snax - Raj Varma
  • Team Ind 420OP - Shivamm Raghav
  • Team Ind Aladin - Taha Khamkar
  • Team Ind Trance - Kaustubh Walia
  • Team Ind Kratos - Samir Choubey (IGL)

Nova GodLike

  • Nova GodLike Hastar - Gopal Sarda
  • Nova GodLike Kronten - Chetan Chandgude
  • Nova GodLike Rayed - Syed Rayed Shah
  • Nova GodLike Smokie - Shekhar Patil (Igl)
  • Nova GodLike Vampire - Eleen Raj
  • Nova GodLike Xzist - Chisin Raingaim

GXR Celtz

  • GXR Celtz MJ - Harshit Mahajan
  • GXR Celtz Ashgamer - Anshdeep Singh
  • GXR Celtz Atanki - Randeep Singh Bhullar
  • GXR Celtz Ultron - Hemanth Sethi
  • GXR Celtz Roxx - Yogesh Yadav (IGL)


  • SGE Austin - Sujoy Das
  • SGE Shryder - Shubham Singh Rawat
  • SGE Seervi - Naresh Kumar (IGL)
  • SGE Zigsaw - Ajay Karangale
  • SGE Ted - Manmeet Singh

Orange Rock

  • OR ScoutOP - Tanmay Singh
  • OR Viru - Viren Gour
  • OR Daljitsk - Daljit Singh
  • OR Mavi - Harmandeep Singh (IGL)
  • OR Gill - Arshpreet Gill
  • OR Anto - Joe Michael Anto

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