SouL.Viper is no longer a strange face in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. The 22-year-old man has been sticking with team SouL ever since the PMIS 2019 and went through all the up and down with the team and MortaL. With team SouL, Viper has won the PMIS 2019, the PMCO India Spring Split 2019, become the runner-up of the PMCO India Fall Split 2019.

Recently, AFK Gaming just had an interview with Viper about his story of becoming a professional PUBG Mobile player and Youtuber so fans can have a better look at their favorite player.

Viper was actually a big fan of WWE and the wrestler called Randy Orton and his nickname was Viper. So that why he took the name Viper.

Before playing PUBG Mobile, Viper played Counter-Strike, Road Rash, console games, and even Free Fire. But when PUBG Mobile was released, he liked the game more because it has better graphics and gameplay.

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The victory of team SouL in the PMIS 2019 was a big turn for Viper in his PUBG Mobile career

However, Viper was never really serious about making a career our of PUBG Mobile before team SouL. He was actually preparing to get an MBA and was very serious about it.

However, since team SouL won the PMIS 2019 his Youtube career took off and so he dropped his plan to chase after the PUBG Mobile career. He said that Thug was the one that helped him a lot throughout his PUBG Mobile career.

Mortal was the reason why fans love team SouL so much because of his great personality

Talking about team SouL, Viper shares that people love team SouL because of MortaL and his personality. Viper was a big fan of team SouL and MortaL back then. He thinks that MortaL is the reason why SouL fans have such a strong strong connection with the team.

For now, Viper revealed that team SouL working on their communication as well as their gunfighting skills. Also MortaL will be taking the IGL role in place of Sangwan.

Viper is looking forward to try more new games on his stream other Youtube

As for streaming, Viper said he wanted to play more different games on his stream other than PUBG Mobile and he hoped that fans will enjoy it.

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