As the first esports tournament for female players in the competitive landscape of PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Southeast Asia Ladies (PMPL SEA Ladies ) has been ready to catch ladies from a total of 16 teams in action to find out a squad that deserves the title of ‘Queen of SEA’ amid the rising popularity of the game.

Pmpl 1
PUBG Mobile Pro League: Southeast Asia Ladies

All the teams have already set to, and they will battle against others in four main battlegrounds based on TPP style, including Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel, and Vikendi. In Day 1 of PMPL SEA Ladies, Aerowolf Zoo temporarily took the spotlight without any Chicken Dinner so far but having a record of 32 Points (12 Kill Points & 20 Placement Points) instead.

Pmpl Aerowolf
Aerowolf Zoo finished at 1st place in Day 1.

Thailand-based team INFINITY followed the queue with 29 Points (12 Kill Points & 17 Placement Points). Other teams coming from Thailand are That’s My Girls TH, KOG Angel, and LittleGroot Eufrosine, and they’re qualified for the PMPL Ladies SEA through “Thailand Popular” votes. In the meantime, Indonesia also has four representatives – Aerowolf Zoo, Belletron Ace, Alter Ego Dione, and Boom Siren.

Pmpl Belletron Ace
Team Belletron Ace from Indonesia.

Unlike the aforementioned teams, Waisu Hera from Malaysia and Rapid Gunz Feisty Ladies from Philippines got a direct invite to the event – the same happened to Team Burmese and Queen Bees from Myanmar.

Pmpl Waisu Hera
Team Waisu Hera from Malaysia

Update: The PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Ladies Finals has recently concluded with team LittleGroot Eufrosine successfully claiming the championship. After four matches, these excellent girls earned 58 Points in total (30 Kill Points & 28 Placement Points) thanks to their aggressive playstyle.

Pmpl Littlegroot
LittleGroot Eufrosine successfully claimed the championship.
Pmpl Littlegroot 2
Beautiful girls from Team LittleGroot Eufrosine.

Next in the leaderboard are Aerowolf Zoo and Waisu Hera with 55 Points and 50 Points, respectively. Amazingly, while LittleGroot Eufrosine won the overall rankings but failed to get a Chicken Dinner, Waisu Hera earned themselves two Chicken Dinners despite not having enough Kill Points (only 17 KPs) to take on Aerowolf Zoo and LittleGroot Eufrosine.