Acer Predator League is one of the biggest esports tournaments in India for PUBG with a huge prize pool of INR 15 Lakhs. However, many PUBG players have been expressing their displeasure with the rulebook and qualifiers format of this event. Check out players' reactions to the rules and format of Acer Predator India Qualifier. 

Acer Predator India Qualifier

Recently, Acer Predator League 2020 Regional Qualifier has announced the rules and formats. This is one of the biggest PUBG esports event in this country with the total prize pool of INR 15 Lakhs. Moreover, the winning team of the Indian Qualifier will represent India in the Asia Pacific Finals held in Manila, Indonesia.

Pubg Is Added To Acer Predator Gaming League
PUBG competitions in Acer Predator Gaming League

According to the rulebook of the tournament, the outdated scoring system which is out-of-date for over 9 months is used. Noticeably, it’s not the Super Rule-set used in PUBG PC tournaments currently. It makes may PUBG players unhappy.

Moreover, the format of the online qualifiers is not optimal enough to determine the teams with true ability advancing to the LAN event in Bangalore. With only BO1 matches in online qualifiers, 20 qualified teams will have less competitive experience before the LAN finals. It may lead to uninspired performances in the offline final stage in Bangalore.

Acers Night Of The Predator
Acer's 'Night of the Predator'

Players’ Reactions

Many prominent Indian PUBG players participating in the events expressed their displeasure with the point system and qualifiers format. They expect the organizers will make some changes in order to give fans a professional tournament. These pro players hope to see a high-quality PUBG Esports event instead of boring matches of mediocre-level teams. The host should give participants more chances to compete and prove their ability.

Players Reactions To Qualifiers Format
Player's Reactions To Qualifiers Format

In a recent response to players’ desire, the organizers and Acer India are changing the rules and qualifiers format. Therein, BO5 will replace BO1 format in online qualifiers and be also the format of the LAN finals in Bangalore. They also switch to use the new scoring system used in the current Meta. Moreover, there will be 16 teams qualified for the Acer Predator India Qualifier LAN finals instead of 20 teams.