While we are enjoying the latest worldwide craze Call of Duty: Mobile, a new esports name has hit India. Rainbow 6 Siege has long been among the favorite FPS esports PC games. Though the game never quite grows big as Dota 2 and CS:GO, there are a decent number of players enjoying the fast-paced FPS game.

In a recent announcement, ESL India brings the Rainbow 6 Siege India series to the nation. There will be 2 qualifiers to determine the winners to reach the massive LAN finale. The first qualifier will pan out in 3 days from November 1 to 3. The qualifier round 2 will take place one week later on November 8 to 10. Eventually, there will be a massive LAN finale coming later between the 4 winners from 2 qualifiers.

Rainbow 6 Siege India 01
Rainbow 6 Siege will come to India this time with good potential

The first-ever Rainbow 6 Siege to be hosted in India was JOYNNJOY Indian Championship. It was back in January of 2018 when the organizer JOYNNJOY decided to host the event. A decent number of teams have attended the event throughout 2 qualifier rounds in December of 2017. The eventual victory went to Eksdee Clan with ₹8,000 in prize money. The runner up took home ₹4,000 while the third place received ₹2,000.

Rainbow 6 Siege India 02
The first Rainbow 6 Siege tournament was humble yet encouraging for Indian players

ESL to host the next Rainbow 6 Siege tournament

Though minor, the tournament has shown that Rainbow 6 Siege has a decent player base in India to make it an esports. Realizing this, ESL India will host their own Rainbow 6 Siege tournament. When it comes to tournament hosting, no organization can surpass ESL in India. Though ESL India has yet to announce the prize pool, it should be much better than the previous JOYNNJOY Indian Championship.

Rainbow 6 Siege India 03
Will the game become successful in India?

Rainbow 6 Siege is pretty similar to CS:GO and Call of Duty in terms of gameplay. The game also focuses heavily on teamwork as 5 members of each team will work together to eliminate the other team. However, in terms of graphics and mechanics, it resembles PUBG and Call of Duty in some parts.