ESL One Hamburg

Not long after the conclusion of The International 2019, Dota 2 has already scheduled another big event this October. ESL One Hamburg 2019 will feature the main Dota 2 competition with $300,000 (₹2.1 Crore) in the total prize pool. The event will also feature a 5000€ Dota Underlords side tournament and a cosplay contest. Indian cosplayers have also left their mark in The International with their outstanding costumes. The event will help to light up the mood in the post-TI time period.

Esl One Hamburg 01
Time to wind up after The International 2019

The SEA region Open Qualifier is open for registration now on the main page of ESL Play. The SEA Qualifier for ESL One Hamburg 2019 is for Dota 2 teams coming from various regions in Asia and Australia. These include India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Korea, and even Hong Kong. The Qualifier rules require each team to feature at least 3 players from the region to enter the list. So, team up with your buddies to enter the list and join in the competition. 1 slot to the LAN event in Hamburg will be awarded for the best team coming from the Closed Qualifier on Sep 27 - 29.

Esl One Hamburg 02
Playing in the big stage of ESL One Hamburg will be a thrilling experience

Competition on an international scale

Esl One Hamburg 03
ESL has come to Mumbai earlier this year in April

This is a great chance for Indian Dota 2 teams to expose to the regional scene, competing against some of the best Dota 2 squads in Asia. Though the domestic scene is growing, Indian Dota 2 teams have yet to leave a mark on an international scale. Earlier this 2019 in April, ESL One Mumbai 2019 saw some of the top 20 teams gathered in the most populous city in India to battle it out for $300,000. Signify also competed in the tournament but crumbled before the sheer force of high-tier teams. It may take time for Indian Dota 2 to catch up with the world.

Esl One Hamburg 04
It may take considerable time and effort to bring the Indian Dota 2 to the world

However, ESL One Mumbai 2019 has left its mark as a premier Esports event for Dota 2 and encouraged growth within the nation. Dota 2 tournaments have boomed ever since together with CS:GO tournaments. Dew Arena 2019 will also feature Dota 2 in its game list. Dota 2 is now on par with CS:GO as an Esports in India.