The growth of the Indian gaming industry has led to a boom in gaming content creators. Hundreds of gamers spend their time interacting with their subscribers and live audience. This has also led to a handful of female streamers making their mark on their YouTube channels. However, it has been noticed that the live audience often end up abusing and passing misogynistic comments to female content creators. Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Founder of Global Esports spoke in detail about the reason behind fewer female gamers and streamers in India.

Rushindra Sinha


Rushindra Sinha, 29-year-old CEO and founder of Global Esports. He has completed his medical degree and went on for further studies in management from Stanford University. Today, he also owns Women's hospital in Bandra, Mumbai. Its headquarter is based in Mumbai along with a boot camp for pro players. It has extended its operations in Seoul, Soth Korea and Los Angeles in the United States.


Recently, GuruGamer had interviewed Ankkita Chauhan, a female streamer based in Mumbai. She had shared about her experience of dealing with trolls. She also shared how she faced misogynistic comments from the live audience. Several well-known streamers had raised this issue and had appealed to respect female streamers.

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Talking about why there are fewer female streamers in India, Rushindra Sinha, told GuruGamer, "I think the cultural barrier is one of the factors. A lot of girls in India are shy in terms of how the society or parents will accept them playing eSports. It's unfortunate that such a thing is in India but this thing is changing rapidly in our country. We will soon announce an entire initiative exclusively for female gamers. This will be a special initiative on the eve of Global Esports anniversary."

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When asked why the live audience in India trolls and body shames female streamers, to which he said, "This thing is very unfortunate and should not take place. I think body-shaming and passing misogynistic comments on female streamers do take place and it happens globally. The girls should understand it and deal with such trolls. It should not affect your personal life. If a female gamer is passionate about eSports or streaming she should continue to follow her dreams. The more important part is that all the female gamers and streamers should come together and share their experience and feel more confident about themselves."