GearStorm is set in the year 2185 when humans and their constant wars have devastated the earth and turned it into a wasteland. In a desperate moment, they released the Phage, a biological weapon that can turn any human into a mindless violent creature. The Plage keeps spreading further and further until no one and nothing can stop it anymore.

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The Earth is now ruined because of wars so humanity needs to go to another planet

Having no other choice, the remainings retreat into bunkers, fortresses, and walled cities to survive. At this point, there seems to be no hope left for people on Earth anymore, unless they can find another planet to live. Actually, there is one tiny chance. NASA has found a world that has the necessities for humans to survive using their space telescope. But the planet is light-years away from Earth so probes with the intelligent of the smartest people on Earth are sent there to build a base and protect the fate of humanity. You are one of those probes.

You can check out the gameplay trailer of GearStorm below.

GearStorm combines multiple genres into one and lets players experience everything from base-building, survival to shooter and more. You will be playing as a probe, tasked with the mission to build a new home for humanity. But this planet won't go easy on you. Hostile creatures are always lurking around, waiting to end your life. Of course, you will have your own weapon to fight them back. The game features various types of futuristic weapons that have been carefully designed to have the most realistic look.

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Build a base and gather resources

Build up your base, explore the world here to get more resources and expand your colony. There are also NPC in the game which you can receive quests, missions or trade items, get good gears and even create quests for other players.

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The new planet is not very friendly at all

Gearstorm is now available on Steam's Early Access for a price of $19.99.

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