Factorio, while being an early access game, has more features and depths than a lot of full-pledged games. And after a period of four and a half years in early access, the developers have finally decided to release the game “officially” on Sept 25, 2020. While the date is like almost a year from now, the devs disclose that they intend for it to be a symbol to work forward, as they have been procrastinating and stalling on the final works.

A base can be super complex

Factorio is a management/construction sim, with focusses on base building and resource gathering, coupled with RTS and survival elements. The player, after surviving the starship crash, has to build a base and use the resource gathered by the base to update it, ad infinitum. The final goal is progressing through the entire tech tree and create a rocket to get out of the planet. While working on your factory, you have to construct various defenses for your base, as the native aliens are not happy with you and your industrial factories.

The gigantic tech tree that you have to unlock

According to Michal Kovarex, lead tech designer, the game at its current state is already polished enough that they could just launch it right away. After the polishing part is out of the way, they could focus more of their time and effort on creating larger updates and contents for Factorio. The most suggested features on the forum, train track street and machine scaffolding, definitely embraced this idea. The next updates can even bring the factory into space, with advanced space trade outposts to aliens.

The game could become a constant tower defense

Factorio is currently available for purchase on both GOG and Steam, with an overwhelmingly positive user review score earned. Interested in an overall review for the game? Please check out this post to find out more about the best factory building game ever made.