In the gaming industry, we are all aware of some spectacular individuals that stood out and earned a top spot within their field within a short period. They are gamers who managed to bring their favorite games such as Fortnite to becoming one of the global phenomenon, who are key players that silently and consistently helped esports to earn such a privileged position, etc. These gamers not just play for the purpose of join, they play because they want to prove something else.

Here is a list of young talents who have mainly contributed to change the game.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

When being asked about the gaming hit of the recent years, many people will not hesitate to say that it definitely is Fortnite. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and his charismatic fellows play an important part in that success. On his Twitch channel, Ninja had more than 12 million followers and was the Twitch’s records broker for many views when he collaborates with international stars like Drake.

Tyler Blevins
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, 27 years old

Being at his 27, Ninja seems to be practical as he already signed some feasible sponsorship with Red Bull and Samsung. He has a rule for himself: does not play against female gamers as he refuses to make his dear wife sad. There are debates about this decision, but it definitely is something special about this man.

Aileena Xu

As we mentioned before, Ninja’s refusal to deal with female players might have raised some concern about gender equality among the gaming industry. Female influencers just like Aileena Xu does not afraid of the situation and worked hard to become one of the biggest names in competitive gaming. Recently, she was selected to be the president of Team SoloMid, an esports organization.

Aileena Xu
Aileena Xu, 25 years old

The pressure is on this 25-year-old girl to maintain SoloMid’s top position in League of Legends gaming field. Xu just earned a $37 million fund for the team, so it seems like she is clear of what she has to do.

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is among the top LoL gamers, or maybe even the best. His effort earned him a top reputation and earned his team, Liquid Team, an incredible battling result.

Yiliang Doublelift Peng
Yiliang Doublelift Peng, 25 years old

Doublelift has made over $174,000 in total during his gaming career, and this number is still raising. His outstanding marksman skills attracted more than 500,000 Youtube followers, and this is why LoL must take advantage of featuring him on the key advertising campaigns.

Jacky “Stewie” Yip

There are a lot of great Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, but not all of them are the one to make changes. Jacky “Stewie” Yip is one of the change-makers. This twenty-year-old rifler earned his spotlight in the CS:GO community thanks to his commitment and skills.

Jacky Stewie Yip
Jacky “Stewie” Yip, 20 years old

When he first joined the Cloud9 team, people are in doubt whether he deserves this position at such a young age. With the incredible performances and the victory of the side in the ELEAGUE Boston Major, Stewie proved that he was a true talent. After Cloud9, Stewie moved to SK Telecom and MIBR later, but no matter where he is, there is one thing for sure: he is firmly on the list of the best CS:GO gamers.

Johan “n0tail” Sundstein

If you do not know who Johan “n0tail” Sundstein is then you probably are not a true Dota 2 fan. This Danish gamer shined with his supporting skills since he joints the Fnatic esports team.

Johan N0tail Sundstein
Johan “n0tail” Sundstein, 25 years old

The gaming history of n0tail was full of winning awards from Frankfurt Major, Manila Major to Boston Major, whether he was in Team Secret or Cloud9. However, the most spectacular tournament in his career so far must be The International 2018. He was playing for OG, and against all the odds, they claimed victory, which was a big frustration for their opponent PSG.LGD.

Delane Parnell

It would be so uncomely if we only mention the gamers who contributed to the change of esports. Delane Parnell is an example from the creators whose app comes in handy for gamers. His product PlayVS are now widely used by students in high schools all across the OS to organize tournaments, team-up with their friends. It even gives out the statistical figures for them to keep track.

Delane Sitting Web Highres 357854
Delane Parnell, 26 years old

What is more, Parnell even signs a deal with the National Federation of State High School Associations that allows the esports competition software to be provided. It showed that besides top gamers, creators can and have been creating a new look for competitive gaming.