The famous North American esports organization Team SoloMid (TSM) has just announced a huge plan to build a massively huge esports training center in Playa Vista, Los Angeles. This esports center will be up to 2350m2, and its estimated value can be up to $13 million dollars (more than Rs 92.3 crores)

The Fortnite gaming room of new esports center by TSM

Los Angeles is a huge city in the US, that is why Team SoloMid choose this city to build their new headquarter. The initial pictures of this esports center already prove that this can totally be a world-class facility for esports. Answering the press about this new esports facility, the founder and current CEO of Team SoloMid Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh said that NBA was the main inspiration for him to invest into this center.

Tsm Studio 1
The streaming studio of the TSM's new headquarter
Tsm Studio Front Desk
The front desk of the new TSM's esports center

This esports center will have multiple gaming and streaming rooms, a fitness and wellness center inside – first time in the world we see an esports center having these two things. Moreover, there are rooms for coaches, as well as there will always be a full-time psychologist for the esports pro players staying inside Team SoloMid’s esports center.

Tsm Studio 2
The first esports center in the world to have both a fitness and wellness center inside

The construction works for this esports facility has already begun, and it is expected to be ready in February next year. This esports center will be the new headquarter of Team SoloMid, as all the esports teams of this organization, as well as all other staffs, will be gathered there.

Tsm New Facility
The cafe' area of this esports center is so natural that some may think this is not an esports center