PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 has been announced last month by PUBG Corp. Group A’s Jaipur regional finals were held last month on the 25th – during it, the top four squads out of twenty in the competitions have qualified for the grand finals of the national tournament. The winning lineup consists of Team Titans, Kill2Survive, Rising Hydra, and Revenge Esports.

The winner of Group A, Rising Hydra, and SouL MortaL

The second part of PMIT 2019 is coming to its own climax, with the Guwahati finals. The matches will be held at MDTC in Guwahati, Assam tomorrow, September 8th. The second part of group B PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 has seen over four hundred thousand games played, both online and during in-game qualifiers. Fifty thousand squads all across India have joined the competition, however, only 4 would be able to join the rank of champions

PMIT is one of the biggest eSport tournament in all of India

Below is the stream link for tomorrow's final:

The PMIT 2019 was available to all gamers from India with a PUBG Mobile account above level 20. They would then register to either group A or B and duke it out in the online qualifiers and playoffs, with 2000 squads selected. Amongst the two thousand squads, only 20 would be able to pass. The upcoming Guwahati finals will further select the best four teams amongst those twenty. Those four will later compete at the India finals for the grand prize of Rs. 1.5 crore.

Below is the clip for Group B's semi-finals games.

Aspiring players still have a chance to compete, as there are still two more groups, C and D – their qualifiers will be held immediately after Group B’s finals are over. The Grand Finals will consist of 4 teams from each group, plus four wild cards.

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