Esports is growing fast in the world. Fortnite has recently made headlines with their $30 million prize pool tournament. PUBG Nations Cup 2019 was a great success for the established Battle Royale title. PUBG Mobile is also on the rise, especially in India.

A craze in India

PUBG since their release in 2017 has become a craze in India. PUBG Mobile is even more incredibly popular due to its simplicity and low requirements. Multiple Esports organizations have established their own PUBG rosters to promote the competitive scene in India. Among the top contenders, we have Entity Gaming, Global Esports, Orange Rock Esports,  8Bit.

Female Pubg Mobile 01
Orange Rock Esports is among the top contenders in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene

Female gamers

Female Pubg Mobile Main
Entity Athena is the latest project by Entity Gaming to promote female Esports in India

Entity Gaming has taken a step further when introducing their first-ever female project, Entity Athena. The division aims at creating opportunities for female gamers in the country, helping to promote Esports among the Indian community. We are no stranger to female gamers in PUBG Mobile. However, they are just playing as individual streamers and play for fun. What if we put them together to play as a team, aiming at winning the chicken dinner?

Female Pubg Mobile 02
What if we put these female players together as a team?

The project Entity Gaming announced is named after the Olympian Goddess – Athena  - the female entity for War and Wisdom. Entity Gaming debuted their project with a PUBG Mobile squad. The female Entity Athena PUBG Mobile team consists of 4 players:

Kaikasha "Kesha" Salmani

Mahima "Kat" Shah

Prathiba "Quinn"

Sneha "Sneha" Kathuria

This is the first time any established Esports organization has ventured into the female scene of PUBG Mobile. With the rise of PUBG in the nation, this is an important step to take Esports in India to another level. The move proves Esports is not exclusively for men but is open for women as well.

Female Pubg Mobile 03
CS:GO is one step ahead with their female tournaments already going on

Currently, we have yet to host a tournament for female PUBG Mobile players. However, CS:GO has already promoted the female Esports with many female tournaments, boasting a decent prize pool of $100,000 (roughly ₹71 LAKH). We may expect more tournament to follow up with the widespread of Esports and female gaming in the future.