The Free Fire Battle Arena Champions has just concluded with the victory of team 8Bit. Team 8Bit has totally dominated the whole tournament and finished with a total of 2020 points. They had almost 600 more points than team Legendry_noobs in second place, mostly thanks to their amount of kills throughout the tournament. Legendry_noobs went second place with 1450 points, followed by team Old_skool in the third place with 1110 points.

Free Fire 6d9a_wm
The overall results and standing of the Free Fire Battle Arena Champions, 8Bit was the winner

The Free Fire Battle Arena Champions was another big Free Fire tournament from Garena for teams from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The tournament uses in-game diamonds as the reward for the winning teams. It features a total prize pool of 300,000 diamonds. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament was held online in squads mode. This the first Free Fire tournament that has the participation from Nepal and Bangladesh teams.

Battel Arean1 Fb15_wm
Team 8Bit has emerged as the winner of the tournament with a total point of 2020

This year, Garena had a big plan for Free Fire esports with 3 international tournaments in April, June, July, and a Free Fire World Series in November. They were ready to be the next big mobile esports to compete with PUBG Mobile. However, the coronavirus pandemic has totally ruined this plan for them and nothing has happened yet.

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In other news, Free Fire is looking to add 2 new locations called Tokyo and Newyork to the Bermuda map. Players will also get to fight a giant boss called Guardian Samurai in Tokyo. A new character called Evelyn also has just revealed. She is a detective who can reveal the location of enemies nearby for a short time.

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