Unfortunately, attracting women’s attention and interest for eSports is still a problem that needs to be solved. As we speak, progress is being made. Some game developers even design special features to help them captivate women’s attention.

A female coach has just joined the Overwatch League team Washington Justice, the very first among the entire OWL.

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A female player in Overwatch

According to a report on UK’s esports and gaming released by Kids Insight, in the group of 13-15 years old, the number of girls who actually participate is higher than that of boys. The interest is distributed among some popular titles such as CSGO, Dota, and LOL. Fifa, Call of Duty, and Overwatch is well-loved by both male and female research subjects.

In details, the report found out that the numbers of girls who watch and take part in esports are 15% and 84% respectively. This shows significant growth as the figure was 75% last year.

The interest girls show for esports decrease as they get a bit older. Among the 16 to 18 age group, the number of boys who watch esports is 30% while that of girls is merely 10%.

Generally speaking, the interest rate for esports among girls is increasing considerably. However, as they approach the 16 to 18 group, the figure drops, showing some initial good signs of the effort to attract girls.

Women in eSports

Take Overwatch, for example, this is one of the games that are popular to watch or both boys and girls. There are only a few female participants in the League levels, but thanks to its wide variety of characters, thus making it appealing to more players of different groups.

The focus group of Kid Insight is about 20.000 teens in the UK, and new reports are published every 3 months. Last year, the numbers are much less promising with boys still outnumber girls when it comes to esports as a favorite pastime.

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