CS:GO is one of the most watched Esports in the world. The game is famous for its competition and has established a great fanbase around the world. The game features hundred or even thousand teams competing on the domestic or international level.

Top 5 Young 02
Esports has been a growing industry that attracts lots of money

People often held the belief that playing computer games would not benefit one’s individual growth. Well, with the booming of Esports, things turned out to be wrong. Esports players can earn good monthly salary and prize money from competitive tournaments. That is exactly what CS:GO players have been doing, especially youngsters.

Here we have the top 5 successful young CS:GO players who earned more than $150,000 even before reaching 20. They are all competing at the top level of CS:GO thanks to their great talent. Let’s take a look

5) Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov – aged 19 – NRG Esports

The Bulgarian AWPer began playing professional CS:GO with WinFiction in 2016. The youngster then joined the local team, Outlaws for a while. In August in 2017, CeRq got the invitation from NRG to go international.

Top 5 Young 03
CeRq made his decisive move to go international

He quickly adapted to the big stage and won three LAN titles with the North American organization. Until the recent ESL One Cologne, CeRq has made $166,465.04 From 57 Tournaments, placing #102 in the earning of CS:GO players.

4) Ethan “Ethan” Arnold – aged 19 – NRG Esports

Ethan joined NRG in January 2018 to fight alongside Cerq. Their hard work paid off well with decent results for the team. In this 2019, NRG Esports made deep runs into big tournaments, making semi-finals 5 times in a row.

Top 5 Young 01
Ethan have been a long time teammates with CeRq

The young rifler started his career earlier than his teammates. He joined Counter Logic Gaming in August 2018 and got decent results, earning around $32,000 before moving on to NRG Esports. In total, he made more than his AWPer companion, $185,580.38 From 57 Tournaments.

3) Robin “ropz” Kool – aged 19 - mousesports

ropz has been around for quite a bit. His professional career dates back to 2016 when he tried himself in many teams. He was notorious for insane aims in FPL and faced with many accusations of cheating. He would then get the opportunity to play in one of the most established Esports organizations, mousesports.

ropz joined mousesports in April 2017 and started competing at the top level of CS:GO. They went on to make deep runs in tournaments and eventually won some LAN titles. The most significant achievements he recorded with mousesports were #1 in StarLadder Series4 and ESL One New York 2018.

Top 5 Young 04
ropz has been around CS:GO scene for a while

The team would then undergo a drastic roster change earlier in 2019. ropz now fights alongside the likes of Finn "karrigan"Andersen and Özgür "woxic" Eker with great potential.

Throughout his career, he has made $292,902.70 From 50 Tournaments, having his name placed #3 in this list.

2) Denis “electronic” Sharipov – aged 20 – Natus Vincere

The young Russian rifler entered the CS:GO scene in 2015. He has played for 5 teams, mostly in the CIS region. However, he found no much success in the less established team like FlipSid3. Later on, he was bought out by Natus Vincere in November 2017. electronic would then fight alongside the likes of Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev and Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko.

Top 5 Young 05
electronic is now in the CIS giant Natus Vincere

2018 was a successful year for the CIS squad though they were placed under the heavy era of Astralis. electronic together with his teammates. They won 4 trophies that years, packing good money to their earnings.

In total, the young Russian rifler earned $387,775.32 From 50 Tournaments, a good amount of money for his age.

Trivia: electronic got married and became a father on February 28th, 2019. He did it at just the age of 20!

1) Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken – aged 20 – Team Liquid

Twistzz is currently one of the deadliest aimers in the world with 60,8% headshot over 16894 kills. The young Canadian rifler was lucky to get an invitation from one of the best Esports organizations in the world, Team Liquid in April 2017.

The young star started his international career in early 2016 with less established teams. He would then joined TSM the whole 2016 and went for a short stint with Misfits Gaming. Only when joining Team Liquid did his potential become apparent.

Top 5 Young 07
"shampoo god" plays an important role in Team Liquid

Together with Team Liquid, Twistzz went to big tournaments beating top teams in the world. However, they got into a finalist curse where they would choke in the grand finals against most teams in 2018. The most iconic grand final would be Team Liquid against Astralis.

However, in 2019, they managed to lift the curse with iBUYPOWER tournament where they managed to defeat Astralis in a Bo3. Later on, they put up a great performance to win 4 S-tier tournaments in a row to win the Grand Slam title, adding $1 million to their earnings.

Twistzz has earned $678,776.43 From 60 Tournaments and the Grand Slam title. That is almost doubled the earnings of electronic. Hard work paid off well for those who do their best.