The summer months are here and the many eSports tournaments and events that everyone has been waiting for are finally upon us.

With the competition being so highly contested, the odds stacked against the players looking to take home the victory in each tournament can be pretty slim. There are lots of professional eSport teams who usually do well in these types of tournaments, such as FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and Cloud 9, to name a few. These teams are always popular choices among those who enjoy betting on the outcome of eSports tournaments, but perhaps a new British team will take home the crown on UK turf.

Here’s what to expect from the exciting events set to take place.

Esports Event

British eSports Student Champs Grand Finals 2023

British eSports has finally announced the time and location of the 2023 Grand Finals. This tournament is available to colleges and schools up and down the UK, taking place between the 24th and 25th of June at the Confetti X in Nottingham, a 4,00 sq. ft., 100-seater multi-event eSport facility.

Throughout the two-day thrilling event, the best students across the UK will showcase their skills in a bid to become champions of the Student Champs Live Finals. The finals are huge, including more than 5,000 student players from 180 colleges and schools across the country.

There will be three divisions taking place, Division 1, Nationals, and the Women in eSports Division, all to be played on the main stage. These 2023 finals are promising to include all the ingredients for an exciting event. To add to the excitement, many fans will be looking forward to betting on their favorite team’s success. The way betting sites are rated in the UK means that many of the best and most reputable sites will offer punters the chance to make bets across the eSports world. Although the British Student Championships isn’t available to bet on, reputable bookmakers still offer fans plenty of betting opportunities on eSports. From betting on the outcome of the match to more specific markets like the number of towers destroyed by a team in LoL, there are plenty of options to add more excitement to the already thrilling eSports tournament.

Red Bull Contested

Red Bull Contested compiles the world’s best Fortnite players to go head-to-head live in action this June. Taking place at the McEwan Hall in Edinburgh, this will be the UK’s first-ever major Fortnite LAN tournament, hosted in front of a live audience. The players that have been confirmed in this star-studded line-up include:

  • Jaden ‘Wolfiex’ Ashman
  • Thomas ‘Th0masHD’ Hoxbro Davidson
  • Martin ‘MrSavage’ Foss Anderson
  • Harry ‘Veno’ Pearson
  • Zachariah ‘Pinq’ Siddall

This Red Bull contest is unique as it features a Fortnite solos format that was specifically created for this event. The world's very best players will battle and fight over eight intense rounds with added twists and turns surrounding the traditional points system.

The final four rounds will see eliminations worth double points, forcing each player to adopt a different—and much more aggressive—style of playing to stay in the hunt to earn the crown. This way of playing has delivered a much more incentivised approach for the lower-ranked players looking to give fans a final that they’ll never forget.

For those who cannot make the event, it will be broadcast live on the Red Bull Twitch Stream and Red Bull Gaming YouTube pages.


ESI London 2023

ESI London is the flagship event from eSports Insider—a three-day event set to bridge the gap between interest and expertise. It’s less of a tournament and more of a business conference; ESI explains everything you need to know about eSports whether you’re completely new to it or somewhat of an expert.

The attendees do not fit a particular type, but the list of people speaking ranges from major tournament organiser executives, big-name sponsors, professional gamer teams, and investors, as well as the likes of the accountants, consultants, and lawyers who help eSports events, take place. If you’re looking to know more about the ins and outs of the world of eSports, this is the event for you.

EGX London 2023

The next edition of the EGX London is about to take place this year, welcoming a host of novice and experienced players, developers, and cosplayers. It’s a trade show that celebrates all things gaming, held at the ExCeL London between the 12th and the 15th October 2023.

All participants will love the superb selection of playable games from both the olden days and the new. This trade fair is the perfect location for participants to explore and play their favourite games while also connecting to people professionally and personally. EGX London 2023 is planned to span across many different themed zones such as the Tabletop Zone and Retro Zone, offering a range of experiences, accessories, and other gaming products.

There are many other events to get involved with throughout the day, such as:

  • Host Guided Tours,
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Gaming Competitions
  • Cosplay Competitions
  • Lectures
  • Practical Workshops
  • Stage Presentations

Some of the main highlights that EGX London 2023 is looking to include feature the Video Game Library, Console Corner, and the Leftfield Collection area displaying the many weird and wonderful games available.