While many may be good at playing R6 Siege, only some will become professional players. And it’s not because others don’t want to enter the top league, it’s because only some are ready to go all the way to achieve their goal.

Just like with traditional sports, getting into the professional league is a challenge requiring your time, effort, and immense motivation. If you are ready to make an effort to become a professional Rainbow 6 Siege player, we’ve got some recommendations on how to make it.

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Gear Matters

Let’s start with the basic – the gear. Becoming a pro player without the appropriate hardware will be a much more challenging task than if you upgrade it. The professional gear can significantly improve your in-game performance and make it easier for you to train. Consequently, you will be able to develop better gaming skills much faster.

We cannot give any specific recommendations regarding the gear, as every player should choose it based on their preferences and feel. Some like ergonomic mice more, while others would rather play using ambidextrous mice. It’s all up to you because all high-end gear doesn’t have much difference in functionality or quality.

Prefer PC over Console

To become a professional R6 Siege player, you’d better use your PC to play. The number of professional console eSports tournaments is limited, so it won’t let you have a lot of professional growth and bring you the income you’d like to get.

Transitioning from the console to the PC might be challenging in adapting to the new control scheme. However, this is only temporary and won’t take long to adjust.

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Make Your Training a Routine

Like any other professional sport, consistency in training is essential to your success. By regularly practicing your R6 Siege skills, you develop muscle memory and learn the gameplay better and better every time you get down to practice.

Your daily goal should be to accomplish things that have taken you six hours earlier within 5 – 4 hours today. Of course, we speak figuratively, but this is the actual thing you should strive for. It’s all about learning new stuff about the game. Maps, weapons – you get to know everything so well that most of your actions get automatic, and you become better at doing them.

Professional Rainbow 6 Siege teams spend 6 to 8 hours daily training their skills. However, your first-time task is to spend at least an hour a day practicing, just to make it a routine. And if one day you feel like skipping the training, just go and see the results and rankings of the top Rainbow Six Siege teams to remind yourself of what you are doing this for.

Get on YouTube and Twitch

How can you join a professional Rainbow Six Siege team if no one knows about you? The best way to become noticeable and develop gaming skills is to start streaming your games. Go online on Twitch. Show your game to the world and get your own audience and fans.

At first, this might feel awkward, as you know other gamers are watching you. And this is the thing you should get adjusted to. Streaming works as means to get your self-confidence and develop a recognizable in-game personality. The latter, by the way, plays a significant role in promoting you to the professional level gamers.

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In fact, performing in front of an audience is a part of any professional game. Large tournaments gather hundreds of thousands of viewers, and if that’s the place where you want to get as a pro player, you have to feel comfortable.

Don’t get disturbed if you have only a few viewers within the first months of your R6 game streaming. It’s the same as with training – consistency is the key. No one got recognizable in a blink of an eye. Behind every success, there are months or even years of work, ups, and downs, and what we see is only the result of perseverance and the ability not to give up.

Bottom Line

A desire to grow into a professional player is not enough to achieve your goal. You have to be ready to work hard, make mistakes, admit them, and take another round of training to get rid of them. It takes time, nerve, and effort, but if you have your goal clear and see no obstacles you can’t overcome – you’ll definitely succeed, and one day, you’ll get to the Rainbow Six Siege tournament arena as a part of a professional team.