Counter-Strike has long been an iconic title in the world of FPS games. With a large fanbase and simple yet highly competitive gameplay, CS:GO has been among the top Esports nowadays.

With more CS:GO players coming to the scene, pro players have to make sure they are not outpaced by their juniors. Pro CS:GO players have a rather packed schedule when it comes to practicing. Let’s find out how CS:GO pros practice daily and see what can we learn from them.

Practice Csgo Pro 01
Being the best CS:GO player, s1mple often spend time practicing his favorite game

Aim botz and Deathmatch

These are two of the most common way to practice your skill. CS:GO is mostly about landing shots and kill off the enemy. So, to either improve your aim skill or just keep your hand in, go for Aimbots and Deathmatches. These are also the best way to warm up before going into real matches.

Aim botz lets you play against stationary opponents. It is a good chance for you to practice hitting headshots in the most comfortable way. There are multiple settings you can use to make your training even more efficient.

Most pros often set up a certain number of kills in Aim botz. They will try to land that many shots to warm up before going into real matches. For example, TACO and XANTARES often set their goal to 1,000 kills. Other players prefer warming up in a certain amount of time like 10 or 30 minutes.

Practice Csgo Pro 02
TACO often spends time scoring 1,000 kills before going into real matches

Deathmatches let you play against random real players in real maps. You get the chance to train your reflexes as well as the aim in a real situation. The plus point is that you can put your practice into use with minimum dead time. However, as you play against so many players, dying too much may turn out frustrating.

Online matches

This is where you really prove yourself when playing with 4 strangers. To push you out of your comfort zone and develop skills and cooperation, ranked or FPL matches are a must. s1mple, Zyw0o, and ropz are most infamous for their skills in public matches. They often grind 8-10 hours a day in FPL matches.

When playing with or against other pros in the scene, you can either learn from them or your mistakes. There is no end to the inventive stuff in CS:GO especially smokes and flashbangs. Moreover, CS:GO pros can get to know lots of other good players in the scene and evaluate their skills. s1mple and ropz started out their CS:GO career as pub stars and got attention from established Esports organizations like Natus Vincere and mousesports.

Scrim with your team

As most pros play with their team under a banner, they look to grow as a squad not 5 individuals. CS:GO pro players need to discuss strategies and execution with their teammates. As you already know, teamwork is extremely important in CS:GO. Team chemistry is the key to success in this game.

Information from your buddy can help you identify the position of a foe. Flashbang assists from your support can help secure kills just in time. Moreover, you can’t fight back against a mob of 5 Terrorists rushing to a bomb site without the help from your friend. Also, a well-timing Incendiary Grenade help from your friend can prevent the rush. A boost spot is impossible without your teammates. CS:GO is a team game after all.

With that, the more you play with your team, the better you can cooperate. Scrimming against other teams is also an efficient method of practicing. Pro players can either learn from their opponents or put new stuff into practice. These are all for the better.

Discovering new useful stuff

CS:GO is always evolving and changing. People will find out new stuff and adapt to make CS:GO an interesting game to compete in. Most IGL or coach of a team will try to invent or adapt new stuff into the team. That way, pro players can get access to lots of new strategies or smokes to use in certain situations.

Practice Csgo Pro 03
IGLs are often responsible for learning new stuff

All in all, CS:GO pro players often spend their time practicing and adapting to the game. That makes CS:GO one of the most competitive Esports in the world.