With a few days to go before the PGL Major Antwerp comes to a close, sites are rife with predictions about which team will come out on top. And punters cannot help but move from one site to the other, trying to figure out which stats make sense and what kind of wagers they should place. If you are in this boat, we recommend that you start by signing up on a reputable site like these on eSportsBettingWebsites.com. Then review the teams that are about to go head-to-head and choose your pick. Or better yet, follow our guide to get an inkling of what’s about to go down:

Breaking Down the PGL major Antwerp

This CS: GO championship features 24 teams that qualified from the regional tournaments. By the 18th of May, only 8 teams had made it to the quarterfinals, days away from the finals, slated for the 22nd of May. 

The following teams were set to rival each other in the quarterfinals, and the winners would then battle each other in the semis leading up to the finals:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Faze Clan,
  • Team Spirit vs. FURIA, 
  • ENCE vs. Copenhagen Flames, and 
  • Natus Vincere vs. Heroic.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Faze Clan

This match took place on the 19th of May 2022, and Faze won. It was quite an interesting match where Faze garnered 2 points while NIP got 1 point. That means that Faze will be at the semi-final as most punters had predicted. If that was your bet, you are on a roll.


Team Spirit vs. FURIA

Before the match, many sites had predicted that FURIA would garner the most points. But was it the case on the 19th of May? Not at all. While many fans had expected FURIA to put up a fight, the team seemed to be on the losing end from the word go. Thus, when it lost, many people were left disappointed. It also meant that the odds for the semis changed the minute the game was over.

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ENCE vs. Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames is the favorite in this case. However, a look at past statistics shows that the outcomes have been either way when the two games have gone head-to-head in the past. Many people think that Copenhagen Flames could have the upper hand, but this remains to be seen as the statistics are a bit dated. 


Natus Vincere vs. Heroic

The odds lie on NaVi’s side, which is also a favorite for the entire tournament. It owes to the fact that Heroic has limited capabilities when it comes to live matches in the face of packed audiences. In the past two matches between the teams, they have defeated each other once. In NaVi’s last five matches, it has secured a victory, while Heroic has secured a victory thrice and lost twice. It’s not hard to see why many punters and bookies feel this is a guaranteed win for NaVi.

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This tournament features a prize pool of $1,000,000, and we can expect the semis to be quite heated. Based on the current performance and statistics, we expect the following teams to make it to the semis:

  • Team Spirit,
  • Faze Clan,
  • Copenhagen Flames, and
  • NaVi.

The champions ultimately come down to Faze Clan or NaVi. As NaVi is yet to make it to the semis, a wager in Faze Clan’s favor would be objective. Of course, you would need to watch the NaVi match and see how it performs compared to the action by Faze Clan. Who knows? The semis could go either way, and Heroic could shock the bookies. Cross your fingers and back your favorite out of the finalists. Good luck!

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