Looks like the Kamisato siblings are going to be the main characters of Genshin Impact 2.6. While Ayato is going to come out during the first banner, Ayaka will be the only character in the second banner of 2.6. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 reasons to pull for Ayaka in Genshin Impact 2.6.

1. Ayaka has an alternate sprint

Her normal sprint and dash are replaced with an alternate version, where she enters a frozen fog on the ground to gain great speed and the ability to run over water. This is one of the more unique traits in Genshin, only shared with Mona. This makes Ayaka the best character in exploration as she can literally travel the ocean like a submarine, never running out of stamina.

Maxresdefault 1
Many team rotations will start with Ayaka dashing toward an enemy to apply Cryo.

Furthermore, Ayaka can imbue her weapon with Cryo for five seconds after exiting sprints. This allows her to maintain cryo application constantly. However, players need to be careful, as the use of Charged Attacks and Sprint will need proper stamina management.

2. Easy to play and build around

Ayaka's playstyle is fairly straightforward to learn and execute, despite her having a unique sprint. Her strong bursting potential and frontloaded damage mean she doesn't greed over field time, allowing for quick swap playstyles and compositions.

Her Skill also has fairly good particle generation (4 - 5) which allows Ayaka to support herself, without the need of running a dedicated Cryo battery.

Unnamed File 75
The Blizzard Strayer set is perfect for Ayaka - it covers all her weaknesses.

Additionally, she also doesn’t need any unit to function; which frees up plenty of meta supports for another team. This does not mean that Ayaka can't be boosted by good teammates as she has a lot of synergy in Freeze and Mono-Cryo comps.

3. Free-to-play friendly

Ayaka is very F2P friendly. She needs neither a 5-star signature weapon nor constellation levels. With Crit DMG being her Ascension stat and Cryo being her Element, players should have a better time grinding as she can deal good damage even with suboptimal artifacts.

Amenoma Kageuchi R5 is one of the best craftables in the game at the time of writing and Ayaka’s best 4-star/F2P option. It helps a ton with Ayaka’s ER, cutting down her Energy requirements by about 40% ER.

Players can craft this weapon after completing the world quest "The Farmer’s Treasure" in Inazuma.

4. Huge burst potential

Most Ayaka builds focus on her charged attacks and elemental burst to deal damage to enemies. Ayaka’s Elemental Burst will unleash 19 cuts in a spherical AoE followed up by a final explosion. This ability snapshots, meaning that its stats will be taken from the moment you cast it, rather than changing throughout its duration.

Ayaka Burst
Ayaka's burst deal a lot of damage, which allows players more flexibility.

At level 10, Ayaka's elemental burst does a whopping 202% damage per slash, with a 303% damage AOE explosion at the end. Players can build around her burst using support characters like Raiden.

5. Break shields easily

Ayaka has lots of Cryo Aura applications, making her very favorable for content that requires Cryo as a shield-breaking Element. This is why she is great at handling Abyss Mages and Abyss Heralds' elemental shields.

Ayaka is great against shielded enemies as her abilities all inflict Cryo.

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