PUBG Mobile has become the most popular mobile game in India and one of the biggest games in the world. Because of that, a lot of things from the title has managed to transcend, surpass even culture and languages to create brand new words. In this article, we would list out the 6 commonly used terms in PUBG Mobile.

1 - Boom Bam

A term usually used by Indian pro players and streamers to refer to anything exciting that’s happening in-game. People have been using it for everything lately, from gameplay on the map to actual tournament performance... and even in real life. Pretty much everything can be exciting or “Boom Bam” for PUBG Mobile players.


2 - TPP

TPP stands for Third Person Perspective, the most popular mode in-game. TPP distances PUBG Mobile from the other popular normal shooters, which are mostly in first-person perspective. TPP has a lot of advantages when compared to FPP, as you can peek around corners or walls without having to expose yourself. When someone asks you to use TPP, they are telling you to do this trick.

3 - NT

NT stands for “nice try”. This is usually used to encourage players who make a good effort but failed in the end. It can also be used to mock people as well, depends on how you use it.


4 - OP

This is the short form of Overpowered, which is a common term to use on something or someone that’s much better than the norm. When applies on items or game mechanics, it means that the item is much more powerful than others.

5 - ADS

ADS stands for Aim Down the Sight - if someone asks you to do this, they are telling you to keep the scope on and scout or open up your scope if you are hip firing.


6 - Prefire

This is a term for the prefire technique in which you fire your weapon before seen an enemy, which implies you already know their locations. This usually happens when clearing out rooms.

There are a few more terms like EZ for Easy, WP for Well Play... etc

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