As part of yesterday’s announcement of PUBG Mobile’s New Era and version 1.0’s arrival, PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 has been revealed. James Yang, PUBG Mobile’s Esports Director, also revealed the expected start date and prize pool of the tournament. Looks like they have found a method to deal with the raging global pandemic, after all. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about PMGC Season Zero.

1 - How was PMGC Season Zero Created?

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With the new format announced at the beginning of 2020, PUBG Mobile's World tier competitions are supposed to be divided into World League and World Championship, with the former serving as a qualifier for the latter. However, with the complications caused by Covid-19, holding events on such a large scale is now impossible. This lead to the merge of the World League and Championship into one event - the previously mentioned Season Zero.

2 - Details about PMGC Season Zero

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It is not possible to have an event with a large on-site audience anymore - PMGC Season Zero would be held in multiple studios all over the world, based on the health situation. It would feature teams from every region in the world, including India, North America, China and SEA. The exact start date is not here yet - but it is likely to kick off in late November.

PMGC Season Zero would have an unprecedented prize pool of two million dollars - the highest ever for any mobile-based esports.

3 - About PUBG Mobile Esports this year


Prior to this reveal, Yang provided various insights into PUBG Mobile Esports' ecosystem. The numbers for PUBG Mobile is indeed formidable, with a whopping 120k registration for PMCO this year, divided into 16 regions consist of over 150 countries. The recent Pro League has over 28 million watched hours - and the next tier World League almost doubled that, at 40 million. Peak concurrent viewers have surpassed 1.1 million - almost as good as any popular esports in the world.

Overall, PUBG Mobile has a bright future ahead. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post to find out more about the various new changes in the New Era update.