Garena Free Fire is bringing new themed events back for Halloween this month, with Zombie Mode and Night Hunter modes rumored to be part of the festivities. Along with all the new features and updates, players would get a lot of new themed costumes and weapon skins... and the infamous AK O-lantern might be part of the lineup.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this AK, along with various details related to the Halloween Event in Free Fire.

1 - About the AK O-Lantern

The O-lantern is a red + orange + yellow skin, with blood splatters and a pumpkin lantern's face on the body of the weapon. Overall, this gun is very striking and can be detected even from afar, due to its golden shade. It also goes pretty well with any "horror" themed set.


The O-lantern is a legendary skin with pretty good bonuses that complement its weakness. The AK is a strong weapon with high recoil and low accuracy... however, with this skin's bonus, you would have an easier time doing drag headshots or trying out headshot burst.

The speed increase is always welcome - it is already as good as Kelly's passive at plus 1. The range reduction is not that bad, as the AK in Free Fire already has a decently high range. Some reduction would not hurt it much at all.

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2 - About the Halloween event this year

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It is likely that this year's Halloween event would start somewhere between 10-15 October and last until the end of the month. There would be new game modes and points collection events for players to grind, along with a new incubator for the XM8.

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