Want to get quality skins and bundles in Free Fire for cheap? This might be your best chance - Garena has just released a new Faded Wheel event, which would give you a guaranteed gun skin and bundle after just a few spins. These events are always appreciated by Free Fire fans, as the chances for a rare prize to drop in Faded Wheels are much higher than normal spins.

About the Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire

The event begins today, October 6, and last for one week until October 12. Unlike previous Faded Wheels, the first spin in this event is not free. The two grand prizes are the Lush Clubber Bundle and the Champion Boxer Plasma gun.

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There are 10 items in the wheel, however, players can remove 2 unwanted items from the pool. Afterward, you would be able to draw up to 8 times from the wheel. The cost of each draw would increase significantly after the third draw - it only cost 19 diamonds for the first three times.

Plasma Gun 3 1024x1024

The prizes in this event won't be repeated and you are guaranteed to get them after 8 draws - that's why the faded wheel is so well-liked amongst fans. The cost to draw in the event is as follows — 19, 19, 19, 39, 69, 99, 199, 599 diamonds, respectively. The maximum amount of diamonds players have to spend is 1069 diamonds - but most people would get the grand prizes before that.

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About the Champion Boxer Plasma Gun and Lush Clubber Bundle

The Champion Boxer is a Golden version of the Plasma Gun, with double bonuses in accuracy in exchange for slightly slower movement speed. After the gun was greatly buffed in the OB24 patch, it is actually worth it to use the Plasma Gun until the end of the game now - and with the weapon's special trait of not consuming ammo, you would be able to ditch all your ammo to carry medkits or grenades.

You can remove 2 unwanted items from the wheel

The Lush Clubber bundle has a pretty nice coat - suitable to mix with a lot of builds.

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