Free Fire OB45 might be the most anticipated update in 2024. While new events are highly looked forward to, adjustments to characters are also intriguing. Now that OB45 is finally here, we have collected every update you need to know.

Free Fire update 2024: New characters

Kassie Best Combo
Kassie is a new addition in 2024. She should be paired with other healers in Free Fire to bring out the best outcome.

Kassie, the Neuroscientist will be the newest addition to this update. For the unknown, the electroshock-savvy character can effectively heal her teammates.

Her skill is called "Electrotherapy". In detail:

"Forms a healing bond with a target companion to restore 3 Health/s to both. Additionally, the skill can be used again to instantly restore 100 Health to the target. If the target's health is below 50, the skill will be used automatically, but the amount of healing will be 50% of the original value, that is, it will restore 50 Health."

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Character revisions

Some characters will have skill fixes in Free Fire Update 2024.

Kapella - New Healing

  • Song of Healing: Heals allies for 20% of damage dealt and increases healing effects by 20% when using healing weapons.

For update OB45, Kapella has a unique ability that directly heals allies with any weapon. The most beautiful character in Free Fire also increases the healing effects when using healing weapons.

Olivia - Increased Healing Effect

  • Healing Touch: Increases healing effects by 30% and spreads 80% of healing to allies within 15m.

Olivia continues to serve as the team's guardian angel. She now boosts the healing amount for players.

Image 10 Free Fire Olivia Character In Real Life F
Olivia's healing rate has an increase while Kapella can now directly heal allies without having to use any tool.

Characters with balance adjustments

Several characters in Free Fire update 2024 will experience the adjustments for balance.

Nairi - Ice Walls with Restrictions

  • Steel Gel: After 3 seconds of deployment, restores 160 durability per second and 10 HP per second to allies within 5m.

Nairi’s Steel Gel enhances ice walls by restoring their durability and healing nearby allies. That is why she is ideal for strong defensive positions and ensures team survival during intense skirmishes.

Her abilities are especially useful in prolonging the lifespan of cover and fortifications. With the latest updates, she can support teams in holding their ground longer and planning their next moves more effectively.


  • Breaker: Releases a sonic wave that deals 500 damage per second to Ice Walls within a 4m radius. Lasts 6 seconds and can store up to 2 charges.

Skyler's ability is improved to make opponents' ice walls more vulnerable. This allows players to deal more effective attacks.

Classic character updates

While new characters and their revisions garner a lot of attention, some very classic Free Fire characters are also adjusted. Check out their new features below:

Alok & Awakened Alok - Sonic Wave

  • Sound in the Box: Creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.
  • Remixing Hymns: Musical notes increase movement speed by 15% and restore 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.

These adjustments aim to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience by fine-tuning the effectiveness of defensive skills.

Chrono - Tuned Shield

  • Tuned Shield: Creates an impenetrable force field that blocks 800 damage for 8 seconds. 75-second cooldown.

If you're a Chrono enthusiast, there is good news that he now offers even more protection and time for you to plan your tactics.

Wukong - Flexible Camouflage

  • Camouflage: Transforms into a bush that lasts 15 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 75 seconds and resets when eliminating an enemy.

Evelyn- Improved Tracking

  • Delivering the Gold: Locates enemies within 80m who are not crouching or prone. Lasts 10 seconds and shares the position with allies.

Ford - Safe Escape and Repositioning

  • Iron Will: Gains 10 HP/s for 4 seconds when taking damage. The skill resets immediately after using an active skill.

Shiro - Recognition Skill

  • Damage Delivery: When hit by an enemy within 100m, the attacker is marked for 10 seconds.

Shiro's ability has been enhanced to allow him to tag enemies that come at him, similar to Moco.

Free Fire Shirou
Shiro can now tag enemies just like Moco.

Defensive skill updates

To maintain game balance, several defensive abilities have been adjusted for a fairer experience:

  • Andrew & Andrew "The Fierce": Armor durability loss reduction increased to 40%. Armor damage reduction is set to 5%, with an additional 5% for each ally with the ability.
  • Shani: Provides 40 shield points to allies within 10m when using an active skill.
  • Wolfrahh: Reduces damage taken from headshots by 7% for each kill.
  • J. Biebs: Blocks 8% of damage using EP and transfers the deducted EP to the skill user.
  • Hayato "Blue Flame": Reduces frontal damage by 2% for every 10% of HP lost.

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